Happy as a Clam

I recently for the first time ever I went clamming! Well I really just took pictures while I pointed out a few areas where I thought would be a good spot. It was a successful adventure we ended up bringing home around 30 Clams, Majority of which were cherry stone or larger. As soon as we got home we threw the clams on the grill and ate them, I totally regret not taking pictures of the aftermath.

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Cloudy Days

Sometimes to me being at the beach on a cloudy day can be just as beautiful as one of the most colorful sunsets

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It’s Been a While

I have been gone for a while and in all honest I hope this never happens again for this amount of time! A lot of events have happened since my moving back to NY some for the worse but thankfully even more have been for the better. Through these events I have been brainstorming and came up with a few possible project and series ideas that I hope to be working on very shortly! I’m excited to see the outcome.

Here are a couple of images from my traveling up the east coast from Florida back to NY, We made a few stops in NC and PA along the way! These images came about because we stopped for gas and lunch in St.George SC. Besides the beautifully abandoned rotting houses, hotels, & old Ice Cream shacks ( These images will be coming soon!) I found Fireworks in the gas station and I had to get Sparklers, because as soon as I laid my eyes on them I thought only one thing….Painting with light! It was a lot of fun except for the fact that I had more mess up images than good ones, Thats always the catch when you’re in the dark.

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Admiring Nature

I spent my day yesterday roaming around Downtown West Palm Beach and playing a few holes of golf in Wellington. While doing so I was attracted to all of the different plants I walked past. There is just something about the shape, textures, and colors of the plants and trees that thrive in Florida that I find interesting. Various kinds of Palms, Flowers and my favorite the Banyan Tree. The root system is what draws me to it the most I believe as well as the size they can reach. I would like to have one some day!

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Windy Day

Here are a couple of other images from my windy walk at the Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat (It’s a mouth full!). Although it was a little difficult getting some shots because of the wind it made for a gorgeous sky with large clouds and crisp blue sky’s. A few of the younger trees were full of Spanish moss, lichens, and other young version of air plants I found the way the light was flickering though the braches made for some beautiful light.

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One of the Nature preserves that I frequently visit has an observation tower, This tower gives you a 360 views for miles. You can see the edge of Wellington Village, Sugar cane fields, and open pastures for all the horses that make Wellington  the “horse country” that it is. This preserve like a vast majority of the nature preserves in Florida are apart of the water treatment plants. The use of native plants and aquatic animals help turn these places into bird sanctuaries. “Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat” is one place I can visit over and over just to climb the tower and look around.  On this particular day we were having very strong winds, I would say around 25-30 MPH so add that with being at the top of the tower made things a little tricky when trying to take pictures. Be on the watch for some of the other images I shot while there!

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Man Vs. Nature

I recently decided to revisit an idea I had a while ago, with my original series I used transparent colored cellophane ( the kind used to cover Easter baskets ) this time it was surprisingly harder to find so I got colored foil wrap instead. When I did this series it was done around the same season funny enough only because I was in NY when I did it I had some snowy weather to play with. Although I did both series in the woods, There is no comparison between Northern and Southern forests. I wanted to use this as a variation, all of the Spanish moss, palms, and swamps to play with; only I had the wind and a drought fighting against me. I found a large puddle you could say, it did have little guppy fish in it but it wasn’t what I was going for. I am still working on this and it does have a lot of work to go, but I think it is an idea that I will continue to play around with. The last few images I used selective color in parts of the image against Black and White.

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All About Light

With photography light is the most important aspect to it, and depending on what you are trying to achieve it can make or break the image. luckily where I am living we get an amazing amount of light, but most importantly we get the amber glow of sunset light. Which I know it is all about the light right at sunrise and at sunset, the sunset last night was missed because I was distracted by the way the light was hitting by Boyfriend. This was an extremely rare occasion because he NEVER lets me photograph him, so I jumped on it racing against the setting sun. I did not quite achieve what I was going for, but luckily I can work with this light every evening. Now if only my subject was so willing!

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Blowing Rocks Preserve

Blowing Rocks Preserve is located on Jupiter Island. This is a preserve I have visited in the past and I do enjoy coming back purely for the views. You have the Florida Inter-coastal on one side on the Jupiter inlet then on the other half of the preserve you have the gorgeous crystal green-blue Atlantic ocean. The reason why it is called Blowing Rocks is because of the large Limestone rock formations that line the entire coast of the beach. Limestone is extremely porous so it is full of holes of all sizes creating all kinds of caves and tunnels for the wind to blow through along with the waves to come crashing up, Which is the highlight for all the little kids that come visit. The only downside is it makes it a dangerous area to go swimming, which you can at your own risk! I for one would not take that risk, hitting those rocks could be deadly with the right current but then again I not the biggest fan of swimming in the ocean in general.

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Cake Pops

Cake Pops lets face it they are delicious and fun to eat, I recently purchased a Cake Pop maker. It is both a blessing and a curse because everyone I know wants me to make them some, but having the maker does help a lot. I hope you like the little insight into my sweet tooth, Enjoy!

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