Creative Juices

Lately I havebeen working on a list; I went online and found some info of a “creative photography idea list”. I did this as a sort of wake-up call for my creativity…it’s been a little blank. My idea is that I take the simple list and just go for it without thinking and then from there I would either keep recreating the subject until I feel I have truly succeeded in it, or hopefully I could create a form of series out of one of the subjects. The subjects so far that I have shot are…

  1. Morning
  2. Triptych of Mother Nature (two in one)
  3. Ordinary Beauty (In my Eyes)
  4. Faceless Portrait (which could also count as a self-portrait, I wasn’t going to count it as that)
  5. Sunlight
  6. Window (fail on this one in my opinion…going to be a Redo!)
  7. Texture or Pattern (I feel this one is both)
  8. Light and Dark

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