Long Island Oceans

Long Island has a reputation for a lot of things, one of which is its amazing Beaches. Waterfront properties are one of the causes for the ridiculous housing price tags on the Island, its kind of gross. On the other hand just look at them for the most part they are beautiful to visit no matter what the season. These images are from late summer / Fall out east in the Hamptons. I had some major fun with my Lensbaby and with editing. I didn’t do anything major but I like the contrast of colors along with some of the whites being blown out. I need to get back the beach soon for a shoot I do love a salty sandy filled wander, Enjoy!


Fall in Sag Harbor, NY

These photos are from Sag Harbor Town on Long Island. These were my favorite images from walking around town.

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Montauk at Sunrise

Now I fully admit I am a lover of a good sunset but every now and then I like to throw in a sunrise. Whats the best place to be to see one ?  Well that’s none other than Montauk Light House. Every morning it is a pretty busy place, you have all the commercial and sport fishermen at work out in the tumbling atlantic, while on the shore you get to share the beach with the surfcasters braving the rough and cold waters for the perfect catch. On this one particular morning there was even a lone surfer and a seal coasting the shore riding the waves.

Simple is Best

My summer this year was full of what felt like more downs than ups and it was over in the blink of an eye. I never got to do all the goals I wanted to , but I still have some time before winter sets in and I have to travel south. These three images I shot on Shelter Island are quite simple I know and yet they are extremely tranquil to me at the same time. The beach for me as I am sure it is for a lot of people is my escape, my meditation, my way to step away from it all.





Happy as a Clam

I recently for the first time ever I went clamming! Well I really just took pictures while I pointed out a few areas where I thought would be a good spot. It was a successful adventure we ended up bringing home around 30 Clams, Majority of which were cherry stone or larger. As soon as we got home we threw the clams on the grill and ate them, I totally regret not taking pictures of the aftermath.

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Left Behind

Where ever I am I always have my eye out for abandoned bulidings and or homes. I don’t quite know what it is that draws me to them but I love photographing them! These two images are from a little bungalow in Sag Harbor N.Y.

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Ten Days left

With just thirteen days left until Christmas and all of the extremely cold and snowy  weather happening in what seems to be everywhere in the US except here in Florida. I think that most people aren’t realizing that it is still fall, yes I said it fall! Winter officially starts in ten days. I am still missing the gorgeous warm yellow and red trees with pumpkins, apples and corn every where. I most defiantly did not get my fill of it before I travelled down here this winter. These images are from the cute little farm that I went pumpkin picking at on the east end of Long Island, I was I had more of it!

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The Old Field, Southold NY

The Old Field is a Vineyard in Southold, NY which is on the north fork of Long Island. It was a cute little farm stead that has been family run since the 1800’s in the more recent years has it been converted into a vineyard. It was a peaceful place bustling with the pecking and crows of chicken, roosters and a few ducks. Every now and then you would be visited by the adorable older family dog.

Some of the image you see were taken by my iPhone and I used the app Hipstamatic, which I love!

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The Walker Cup

Over the weekend I had the opportunity of going to The Walker Cup at National Golf Links of American in Southampton, NY. Now you aren’t supposed to take pictures unless of course you have a press pass; So All of my images are from my IPhone. By the time I got there it was already over meaning that a winner was declared, however I was still able to see a couple of players finish out their round. Now just incase you do not know The Walker Cup is an amateur tournament open to Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States. Most of the Pro golfers that you see today and over the past years got their start with The Walker Cup. The course is a beautiful place, Then again so is the rest of Long Island! I hope you enjoy the images


Circle Beach, NY

My Boyfriend lives out east in The Hampton’s, this is good and bad depending on how you look at it. Traffic…CRAZY! Spending time with him and going to the beach amazing! this weekend he tried to surprise me with a sunset BBQ on the beach. Of course we had to fight off the rain at some points but we stuck it out and I am glad because it was simply delicious! He made me a Chicken Satay appetizer with a peanut dipping sauce, then for the main course we had Grilled Shrimp and cucumber lettuce wraps ; which I never thought of having a cucumber grilled I have always had it cold in a salad, or as a pickle it was really good! then for desert we had homemade chocolate mousse, YUM! If only the weather cooperated a little more I could have had more pictures. Here is a panoramic of the beach we were at in Noyac, NY right before the rain started to drizzle in!