Great Swamp

This image is from my 2nd and most recent trip to Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is in Morris County. This refuse has a lot to offer on its 7800 acres. The Friends of Great Swamp NWR has an amazing visitors center as well as easy access trails. This particular spot was from the overlook parking lot half way between the nature center and the bluebird field. We started our hike at the wildlife observation center parking area which has a boardwalk guiding you though the wooded part of the swamps to blinds overlooking an open field.  On the particular morning we ventured out there were a few reported sightings of Bald Eagles. Maybe we will get to see some next time when we hike a different trail.




Green Cay

Here are the rest of the images from my walk at Green Cay Nature Center. We saw Limpkins, Tri-Colored Herons, Great Egrets, Wood Storks, and a few Painted Buntings hanging out by the feeder.

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Because I LOVE the outdoors one of the first places I visited as soon as we settled down here in south Florida was Green Cay Nature Center & Wetlands in Boynton Beach. It had been a little on the cool side that week so there wasn’t too much activity going on that day. Here are a Tricolored Heron and a Purple Gallinule we spotted on our walk.

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