Echo Lake Park at Sunset

Last week after our latest snow storm I took a ride over to Echo Lake Park. It was packed with families sleigh riding, but I was able to grab this moment of solitude as I walked back to the car. I did not quite get what I was looking for but that only means hopefully I can get another chance with our next prediction of snow. img_0061


Fire in the Sky

South Florida has the best sunsets at times, Love them!!

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Fall is in the air

Last Nights sunset was a nice one! But with all this cool weather I fear that the seasons are changing! It really doesn’t help either when everywhere you look is back to school with Halloween things creeping its way in, before you know it Christmas things will be in the store! I hate how the stores don’t let you enjoy the season while its there, they just push the next one on you!
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An Outing in Orlando

These photographs are from a golf course in Orlando that I went to a while back. Although it was super cold that day it was one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have seen, so it was well worth it! I also have quite a few panoramic photos that I am editing. I hope You Enjoy!

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