Montauk at Sunrise

Now I fully admit I am a lover of a good sunset but every now and then I like to throw in a sunrise. Whats the best place to be to see one ?  Well that’s none other than Montauk Light House. Every morning it is a pretty busy place, you have all the commercial and sport fishermen at work out in the tumbling atlantic, while on the shore you get to share the beach with the surfcasters braving the rough and cold waters for the perfect catch. On this one particular morning there was even a lone surfer and a seal coasting the shore riding the waves.


Creative Juices

Lately I havebeen working on a list; I went online and found some info of a “creative photography idea list”. I did this as a sort of wake-up call for my creativity…it’s been a little blank. My idea is that I take the simple list and just go for it without thinking and then from there I would either keep recreating the subject until I feel I have truly succeeded in it, or hopefully I could create a form of series out of one of the subjects. The subjects so far that I have shot are…

  1. Morning
  2. Triptych of Mother Nature (two in one)
  3. Ordinary Beauty (In my Eyes)
  4. Faceless Portrait (which could also count as a self-portrait, I wasn’t going to count it as that)
  5. Sunlight
  6. Window (fail on this one in my opinion…going to be a Redo!)
  7. Texture or Pattern (I feel this one is both)
  8. Light and Dark

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