Cross Estate Garden

When we arrived at Cross Estate Garden in the Jockey Hollow area the smell was amazing! The volunteers were just finishing watering the garden and I have to say that is an awesome smell. Everything has a fresh, earthy smell and the water droplets make the plants look dewy and vibrant. As I mentioned it is a small garden but wonderfully maintained, I highly suggest checking the whole area out.


Weekend Shoot

Over the weekend I did a shoot at Jones Beach and a local beach in Glen Cove called Pryibls , I am pretty pleased with how things turned out. Here is a little sneak peek that I took with my phone using the Hipstamatic app (which I am in love with, along with Instagram) , Check back soon for the full post!


Morgan’s Park, Glen Cove N.Y.

I have been going to see the Fourth of July fireworks (I know, I’m kinda late) at Morgan’s Park in Glen Cove, NY since before I can remember. It is almost a summer staple at this point. I must say every year I feel like the firework display gets shorter and shorter while the amount of people who go continually gets larger! Either way I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed with this years show. These are the images that I liked the best out of the shoot, I hope you enjoy them as well!

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Here are a couple of images of fireworks from the Fourth of July weekend, There will be more to come! I have been busy with work plus scanning all those slides I am 641 slides in with at least another 600 more I would think? phew way more than I thought! I also am working on a scanning and editing project of my Great Grandfather. I just love old pictures. One of the reasons why I love photography so much, capturing a historic moment in time. Every moment and memory is historic to someone out there and photographs preserve it forever.

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