Ten Days left

With just thirteen days left until Christmas and all of the extremely cold and snowy  weather happening in what seems to be everywhere in the US except here in Florida. I think that most people aren’t realizing that it is still fall, yes I said it fall! Winter officially starts in ten days. I am still missing the gorgeous warm yellow and red trees with pumpkins, apples and corn every where. I most defiantly did not get my fill of it before I travelled down here this winter. These images are from the cute little farm that I went pumpkin picking at on the east end of Long Island, I was I had more of it!

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The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

Every Year Historic Hudson Valley puts on a Jack O’Lantern walk where artist and volunteers carve over 5,000 pumpkins to create sculptures. Of course not all of the pumpkins are real; they would become rotten too quickly and for some of the sculptures just be too heavy.

This event does have a lot of people who walk through it, which could make things unpleasant because it gets crowded. This makes it extremely difficult to be able to just stop and take a beautiful long exposure, that and the constant cameras flashing, oh yea and people walking right into you! But I’ll give them that it was dark and we were surrounded by trees, but still! None the less I LOVE going, well mostly because I love all things Halloween!

If only more of the photographs came out better you would have seen skeleton dinosaurs, of all kinds and sizes, Monsters like Ogres and Cyclops, and then my favorite pretty close to life-size Elephants, Giraffes, and Gorillas.

I highly recommend this as a family outing its beautifully amazing and the designs are always changing.

Historic Hudson Valley also does a “haunted Walk” this time of year among many other fantastic historical based events.  I have not been to that in a few years I have heard that it changed (More like a haunted house; not my cup of tea). When I went it was more of a recreation of the Legend of sleepy hollow (this is also the area in upstate New York where it is located, Tarrytown / Sleepy Hollow).

Which is a must watch movie at Halloween for me! I recommend the 1980 TV movie version with Jeff Goldblum, a staple of my childhood! But if you can find it the classic Disney cartoon is hands down THE BEST version of them all. Of course you can’t go wrong with Tim Burton either…Ever!

Ok enough of my ranting… Sorry about that, Enjoy the Photos

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Hicks Nurseries

Hicks Nurseries has been on Long Island since 1853 and for as long as I can remember my family and I have been going to their holiday events and to look at all the decorations; of course I can’t resist purchasing one or two. Mostly we go because they create a children’s show with a friendly ghost named Otto. The only semi-disappointing thing about going is as soon as you leave the wonderful world of Halloween you are smacked in the face with the world of Christmas. I don’t understand what happened to waiting until after thanksgiving for Christmas? Oh well I have a few pictures but you are just going to have to wait for them!

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