Cross Estate Garden

When we arrived at Cross Estate Garden in the Jockey Hollow area the smell was amazing! The volunteers were just finishing watering the garden and I have to say that is an awesome smell. Everything has a fresh, earthy smell and the water droplets make the plants look dewy and vibrant. As I mentioned it is a small garden but wonderfully maintained, I highly suggest checking the whole area out.


Admiring Nature

I spent my day yesterday roaming around Downtown West Palm Beach and playing a few holes of golf in Wellington. While doing so I was attracted to all of the different plants I walked past. There is just something about the shape, textures, and colors of the plants and trees that thrive in Florida that I find interesting. Various kinds of Palms, Flowers and my favorite the Banyan Tree. The root system is what draws me to it the most I believe as well as the size they can reach. I would like to have one some day!

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An Idea…

Originally I was unsure about posting these images, they were outtakes from my other Lensbaby images. I was played around with the Lensbaby “Creative aperture rings” which causes a Bokeh effect. After looking though them a few times I had an idea, Hopefully my idea will play out; we shall see?

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Change of Focus

The couple of images here were shot with a Lensbaby. One of the best things about using your Lensbaby is the total control you have over everything. You have total artistic freedom with your “sweet spot” (area of focus), how large or small you want the spot to be and where in the frame you choose to be in focus. It is sort of like but not quite like having a 4×5 camera, only a lot lighter and easier to work with.  

Windy Day

Here are a couple of other images from my windy walk at the Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat (It’s a mouth full!). Although it was a little difficult getting some shots because of the wind it made for a gorgeous sky with large clouds and crisp blue sky’s. A few of the younger trees were full of Spanish moss, lichens, and other young version of air plants I found the way the light was flickering though the braches made for some beautiful light.

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One of the Nature preserves that I frequently visit has an observation tower, This tower gives you a 360 views for miles. You can see the edge of Wellington Village, Sugar cane fields, and open pastures for all the horses that make Wellington  the “horse country” that it is. This preserve like a vast majority of the nature preserves in Florida are apart of the water treatment plants. The use of native plants and aquatic animals help turn these places into bird sanctuaries. “Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat” is one place I can visit over and over just to climb the tower and look around.  On this particular day we were having very strong winds, I would say around 25-30 MPH so add that with being at the top of the tower made things a little tricky when trying to take pictures. Be on the watch for some of the other images I shot while there!

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Sunshine State

This summer season is going all too fast! Here are a few more images from my travels around south Florida… Pretty soon that’s all I will be posting!

Green Thumb

These images are from the backyard of my boyfriend’s cousin. He has the greenest thumb I have ever seen besides my grandmother of course. I was playing around on some of the images with my Lensbaby, what do you think?

Now I believe that the small white and purple flowers are a form of wild native orchid?  I hope you enjoy them!

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Beach Grass

I love everything there could be about the beach and salt water! Here are a few image from Long Beach in Sag Harbor, NY. For some reason I was attracted to the beach grass instead of the sunset.

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Flowers in the yard

These are some images of what little flowers I have in my back yard where I am currently living, The downside of living on a golf course I suppose? The garden is a small patch where a small shrub and a tree is, but I love the flowers they produce . With some of the images I used my lensbaby I hope you like the images!

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