Cheesequake State Park

These Panoramic images are from a resent winter hike at Cheesequake State Park. I love exploring where I live and I really miss being by the shore.

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Sunset on the Hudson


Enchanting sunset views of the Hudson River from Tarrytown, NY looking across to Upper / South Nyack, NY.  If you have never traveled along the Hudson River it sure is a beautiful site, I highly suggest it. I attended college in Upstate NY and would have to take Amtrak home for breaks and the best part of the ride were those Hudson river views.

Fall in Sag Harbor, NY

These photos are from Sag Harbor Town on Long Island. These were my favorite images from walking around town.

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One of the Nature preserves that I frequently visit has an observation tower, This tower gives you a 360 views for miles. You can see the edge of Wellington Village, Sugar cane fields, and open pastures for all the horses that make Wellington  the “horse country” that it is. This preserve like a vast majority of the nature preserves in Florida are apart of the water treatment plants. The use of native plants and aquatic animals help turn these places into bird sanctuaries. “Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat” is one place I can visit over and over just to climb the tower and look around.  On this particular day we were having very strong winds, I would say around 25-30 MPH so add that with being at the top of the tower made things a little tricky when trying to take pictures. Be on the watch for some of the other images I shot while there!

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Where I live here in Florida I am lucky enough to have a balcony that faces west. Every night I get to see some of the most fantastic sunsets. Now I know as a photographer I was taught to stay away from the “Hallmark Cards” as my professors put it , but I mean sometimes you just cant help yourself and you see one or two sunsets that you just want to be able to look at over and over again.

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Sunset Panoramic

Later Alligator

Here they are the images of the alligators that I saw at the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.  The first guy I came upon was relatively small maybe around 4 FT swimming around in the marsh.  The second guy was HUGE maybe 7 to 8 FT! Living here in Florida I know they are around and I know that they can be very dangerous but I feel that they get a bad rap.  As I was taking pictures of the big guy (or girl) I was maybe 5 to 6 feet away and it could careless that I was even there.  The only movement made was opening and closing of its eyes every now and then. Alligators are like any other kind of wildlife, they are more afraid of you then you are of it and will only attack if provoked. Now this doesn’t mean that I am going swimming in any body of water where they could be anytime soon. This girl doesn’t want any accidents!  A lot of people go boating, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing at this Refuge; I have not tried at this Particular place but my first year in Florida I had a failed first attempt at another park in Jupiter. My fear took over the best of me, I was freaking out with every dip of the paddle and every branch or tree trunk I hit all the while seasoned visitors cruised around as though it was just for the exercise without a care in the world. What didn’t help were the disclosures they make you sign at the rental basically saying that it’s your own fault if you are attacked or bitten by an alligator or any kind of venomous snake! UGH I hate snakes more than anything else! One of these days I will attempt it again and actually be able to enjoy it….hopefully?

The Panoramic is of the area were all the boating and fishing activities take place…Enjoy!

In the Swamps

Living in south Florida I am literally surrounded by water and swamp land & when I walk around the nature preserves that swamp land becomes somewhat enchanting. There is something about trees covered in Spanish moss with crystal blue skies and billowing clouds. All I have to say is that I am happy that I have NOT encountered

a venomous snake, alligator, or any other hazardous creature ! things would get ruined for me.. at least for a week or so then I would go back out

A New Year

The past few days I have been traveling to different nature preserves. I love being outside photographing nature or using it as a backdrop. There is something that I have just come to love about the swamps here in Florida with all the trees covered in Spanish moss, it’s enchanting specially if the sky is just right. I have come across some new ideas and techniques I would like it experiment with, as well as new project ideas. In the next few days I will have up some images from my ventures until then here are some images I took with my iPhone with the help of my favorite app Hipstamatic.
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Valley Forge National Park

In my travels south to Florida for the winter I was able to stop and visit with some great friends who live in Pennsylvania. While there we took in some history, we were able to go to the Valley Forge National Park. I was not able to see the whole park which is massive, only because of time and we were on foot. The area we saw had a small cluster of cabin that the soldiers used during the Revolutionary war. These cabins were not much, although I suppose it was enough to rest and get out of the elements. One of the cabins was open so I was able to see the meager relief it gave them. It had six bunks three beds on each side, a dirt floor, and a very small fire place. Like I said it is definitely better than having to sleep out in the open. Unfortunately I missed the peak fall foliage but it was still a gorgeous day none the less!