Covered Bridges of Bucks County

Here are some of the images from my adventure through Bucks County. It was a fun trip but a lot of driving! Only factor that was disappointing was no fall foliage, if only we went a week or two later the colors would have been peaked. Now we know for when decide on our next fall adventure.


Philadelphia, PA

These Images are from Philly, PA another road stop on my travels from Florida to New York. Philly is so full of history and has this awesome collaboration of historic preserved buildings and modern high-rises, This makes for an interesting dynamic. I was able to spend a day in the city so to make the best use of my time I did a bus tour; this was my best way to see as much as possible. The little bit of walking that I did have to do was full of tulips & trees in bloom, it was so beautiful! I do wish I could have seen more but what I got to take in was fantastic!

Valley Forge National Park

In my travels south to Florida for the winter I was able to stop and visit with some great friends who live in Pennsylvania. While there we took in some history, we were able to go to the Valley Forge National Park. I was not able to see the whole park which is massive, only because of time and we were on foot. The area we saw had a small cluster of cabin that the soldiers used during the Revolutionary war. These cabins were not much, although I suppose it was enough to rest and get out of the elements. One of the cabins was open so I was able to see the meager relief it gave them. It had six bunks three beds on each side, a dirt floor, and a very small fire place. Like I said it is definitely better than having to sleep out in the open. Unfortunately I missed the peak fall foliage but it was still a gorgeous day none the less!