Muttontown Preserve

Muttontown Preserve is a combination of three land plots in Muttontown, N.Y. The land itself is the combination of the former estates and farmland.  Some of the images are of all that is left of King Zog the last monarch of Alabania. The other images are from what was left of the Duryea Farm as well as outer buildings and playhouses in the wooded areas close to the Chelsea Mansion. I grew up near this part of Long Island and there is so much history in your backyard that is taken for granted. I do miss hiking the forgotten about wonders of the past.


The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

Every year Historic Hudson Valley has The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze at The Van Cortlandt Manor. I highly suggest anyone to take an adventure to see this wondrous sight of thousands of illuminated pumpkins, both real and fake. Tickets do sell out quickly so I strongly urge you to plan in advance. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with adventures in and around Sleepy Hollow. Who doesn’t love The Legend of Sleepy Hollow !


Sunset on the Hudson


Enchanting sunset views of the Hudson River from Tarrytown, NY looking across to Upper / South Nyack, NY.  If you have never traveled along the Hudson River it sure is a beautiful site, I highly suggest it. I attended college in Upstate NY and would have to take Amtrak home for breaks and the best part of the ride were those Hudson river views.

Snug Harbor

Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden is a hidden little gem on Staten Island. I didn’t even get to see the whole area that there was to offer but I went through the Japanese stroll garden and the small green house. Here are a few of the images from my visit. The Random floral arrangements were beautiful clearly from a party the night before and I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pics.


Recently I have developled some film, nineteen rolls actually. I had no clue that some of them were as old as nine years or so, sad I led them sit so long before developing. Well I have scanned them and now I am working on editing!

This group of images were taken with my beloved Holga (120mm film) at Cedarmere in Roslyn, NY. This Estate was once the home of William Cullen Bryant.

Planting Fields Arboretum

Planting Fields Arboretum is a Beautifully preserved State Park that was once the Estate of the Coe Family. If you are ever interested in seeing the rich history of Long Island this is a must see! It is located in the historic town of Oyster Bay, Late spring – early summer I would say is the best time to go. I basically grew up walking the lush grounds of the Coe mansion it is just wonderful there.

Shelter Island, NY

While I was still in New York I took a trip to Shelter Island. From the ferry you can see this broken down pier. I was on the quest to find it, and I was not disappointed what so ever.  There was not much left to it except for the outer walls. I found a pillar and I just loved the texture of it.

New York, New York It’s a Wonderful Town

This year at the South Florida Fair the main theme is New York City. Now as far as I saw this only applied to the content for the artist competitions. Normally I don’t venture into the expo centers and tents but this year I am glad that I did because I wouldn’t have found the huge sand sculpture of New York City! They even had a little Rockefeller Center skating rink.  Now I have to say that sculpting is truly a talent, but to sculpt with sand I feel is a very difficult and temperamental material. I will be going back to the fair one more time before it is over until them here are the Images of the Big Apple created from Sand.

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Ten Days left

With just thirteen days left until Christmas and all of the extremely cold and snowy  weather happening in what seems to be everywhere in the US except here in Florida. I think that most people aren’t realizing that it is still fall, yes I said it fall! Winter officially starts in ten days. I am still missing the gorgeous warm yellow and red trees with pumpkins, apples and corn every where. I most defiantly did not get my fill of it before I travelled down here this winter. These images are from the cute little farm that I went pumpkin picking at on the east end of Long Island, I was I had more of it!

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