Great Swamp

This image is from my 2nd and most recent trip to Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is in Morris County. This refuse has a lot to offer on its 7800 acres. The Friends of Great Swamp NWR has an amazing visitors center as well as easy access trails. This particular spot was from the overlook parking lot half way between the nature center and the bluebird field. We started our hike at the wildlife observation center parking area which has a boardwalk guiding you though the wooded part of the swamps to blinds overlooking an open field.  On the particular morning we ventured out there were a few reported sightings of Bald Eagles. Maybe we will get to see some next time when we hike a different trail.




Airboat Tour

Last week my boyfriend and I went on an Airboat tour through the Everglades at the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. It was so much fun, I wish it was longer! We saw about ten alligators, maybe around the same about in different kind of bird species, a few turtles popped up here or there, and some fish were jumping while we were stopped looking at the different plants and a gator trying to bask in the sun that kept popping in and out of the clouds.

It was a lot of fun! The guide mentioned that at this time of the year all of the gators would mostly be young females so they were relatively small, the biggest one we saw was maybe just over six feet. It’s funny how if you were to talk about a person’s height and you said they were six feet or more you would be like wow he/ she is really tall but mentioning it about the gator I’m thinking like ehh that’s actually kind of on the small side,  It’s funny how those things go.

All I can say is that thank goodness we didn’t see any snakes I think I would have had a panic attack! Especially when the guide mentioned that the python invasion is disrupting the alligator population because they eat them! … Ugh my stomach sank! And what made matter worse was that he mentioned it only takes the python six day to digest it! Only SIX! Although a very cool fact he was way more excited about it then needed to be.

I hope you Enjoy!

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Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Preserve

I have been cleaning and organizing my hard drive and I have decided to post some of my first photographs from my adventures down here in south Florida. Last year was the first year that I lived here during the winter season and being a lover of the outdoors I of course went to multiple nature preserves. Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Preserve was a nice place, this was also the first place where I saw alligators in the wild…. and it was a big guy! The picture I posted of the gator I took from my phone. This gator sure was a smart one just sitting around waiting at the fishing pier to snag someone’s catch… I went back a few weeks ago and he was still holding his territory strong a year later.

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