Color Transparencies

2013-06-23 10.53.37

I am currently working on scanning these color transparencies or slides. Which majority of them are on Kodak kodachromes and AGFA film both of which are no longer in production if I am not mistaken. I have to admit I am pretty excited doing it box by box, its like having a little surprise. What I particularly love about this project is that all of the slides are from the early to mid 60’s and 70’s well that is so far. I cant wait until I get them all scanned so then we can pick a few for me to restore!

I am still waiting to get my own negatives developed, unfortunately the place I normally go to closed down which is sad to see, but now I am on the look for the next best place where I wont get over charged. As for my inferred film I just haven’t had the time to travel into the city (NYC) which is the only place closest to me that develops it, needless to say they are a work in progress!!




Cedarmere was the home of William Cullen Bryant, a prominent Poet, Editor, and Civic Leader.  This particular estate was his weekend/ summer home from the hustle and bustle of the busy early nineteenth-century New York City.  It is a shame to see such a beautiful property be in shambles, although for a couple of years now they have been working on restoring the outside of all the buildings on the property; which once is finished I am sure will look amazing. For the time being it makes for a nice subject for me in its disrepair.

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The Bronx Bombers

Here are some action shots from the Yankee game that I went to (which they won). I must say that sports games are always much more enjoyable in person than on TV; I probably would have ever gone to a game either until I met my boyfriend who is an obsessed sports fan, because of him I have been to see every New York Sport Team except The Jets and any basketball; and in all honesty I don’t know if I really would want to see it?

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A Walk in the City

Woo I did it this is my second posting of the night, So here are the rest of the photos from my weekend that I spent in the city. In this group of pictures you will see images from walking down the east river and around Ward’s Island with some images of the Triborough Bridge / RFK Bridge. I also used my toy lenses, my Lensbaby and I have a Holga lens for my digital camera, Which both create some fun effects. Now I can edit from my shoot over the weekend!!

Double Time

So Because of my busy week and the holiday weekend I didnt post anything until last night. This Post of the Ward’s Island Bridge is just a little filler you could say while I continue working on the other images. I hope to get one more post up by later tonight!

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, NY

I know I have been away for awhile its been a busy week! But I did do a lot of shooting over the weekend. Here are some more pictures from my trip into the city of my sisters church, which you may have seen from the community garden pictures that I posted

Roof Top Views

It has been a busy week! I am still editing all my pictures from the city so I am doing most of the panoramic pictures cause they are the simplest. I didn’t want to go with out posting anything so here is another panoramic

Preserivng Open Spaces

My sister has a spot in the community garden by her apartment and I decided to spend a little time with her there, Which means that she was gardening while I roamed around snapping pictures. Most of what was planted in the garden were vegetables not too many flowers this late in the season besides the few that a couple of people had planted for a little added color.

A Walk on the River

Lately I have been traveling all over New York State literally! I decided that it would be a fun idea to visit with my sister who lives on the Upper East Side on my way back to the Island. I got some pretty interesting shots along the River as well as some nice panoramic of the bridges and skylines of buildings, it was a great day to be roaming around outside on a city photo adventure! The Panoramic that I posted was taken on the Wards Island side looking at the Island of Manhattan being split by the East River or Harlem River I suppose it’s a matter of which island you are on or so says the map?