I recently have been investigating more of the Arboretums, Estates, and state parks in my area. This is Willowwwod Arboretum in Far Hills, NJ. Some of the images I used my wonderful Lensbaby for a beautiful creative effect !



Profanity Houses


The “Profanity Houses” were once a part of the Rutherfurd-Styvesant Family but the property now belongs to Allamuchy Mountain State Park. When I first walked upon the houses I immediately had the thought that I have seen American Horror Story one too many times, thankfully I never venture alone! There are three buildings still standing and one that is collapsed rubble, we checked out what was a stable first and right away, you had a taste of why they people call them profanity houses. This area clearly became a party place as well as a writing page for inappropriate angry thoughts, but hey, I guess everyone was just venting? From what I have read online, it seems there are other buildings on the property. I suppose this means another adventure is in the works. With some of the images I was using my Lensbaby for a blurred dreamy like effect.


I recently went to the Bluegrass and BBQ festival hosted by the Yesteryear Village at the south Florida fair grounds. This was the second year for this three-day festival and although they had more food options than last year it is still quite small. The music was great!! These images are from around the village I hope to get the rest of the images up before I have to pack up and head north ! On the plus side if I am sad-fully leaving Florida that only means Summer is around the corner.

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Long Island Oceans

Long Island has a reputation for a lot of things, one of which is its amazing Beaches. Waterfront properties are one of the causes for the ridiculous housing price tags on the Island, its kind of gross. On the other hand just look at them for the most part they are beautiful to visit no matter what the season. These images are from late summer / Fall out east in the Hamptons. I had some major fun with my Lensbaby and with editing. I didn’t do anything major but I like the contrast of colors along with some of the whites being blown out. I need to get back the beach soon for a shoot I do love a salty sandy filled wander, Enjoy!

Prescribed Burn

On a recent hike at Oxbow Nature Preserve in Port St. Lucie my fiancé and I came across a section of the trail that recently was prescribed a burn.  You could still smell  the slightly sweet scent of burning wood but I loved the look of the ashes still in the formation of palm fronds were strewn about as if they were confetti.

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Peaceful Waters

Peaceful Waters is a preserve I have posted about before; unfortunately, this visit was far from peaceful. I heard nothing but scream from the weekend soccer games, dogs barking, and the loud humming of cars speeding down the adjacent road. Thankfully, the birds that were visiting did not seem to mind much. I was surprised by the amount of garbage that was floating; I have never seen any there before it was always pristine. Considering the fact that they were slightly sun bleach it was clear they had been there a while and out of reach without some sort of scoop net. I did manage to get this nice picture of a Green Heron with my Lensbaby!


An Idea…

Originally I was unsure about posting these images, they were outtakes from my other Lensbaby images. I was played around with the Lensbaby “Creative aperture rings” which causes a Bokeh effect. After looking though them a few times I had an idea, Hopefully my idea will play out; we shall see?

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Change of Focus

The couple of images here were shot with a Lensbaby. One of the best things about using your Lensbaby is the total control you have over everything. You have total artistic freedom with your “sweet spot” (area of focus), how large or small you want the spot to be and where in the frame you choose to be in focus. It is sort of like but not quite like having a 4×5 camera, only a lot lighter and easier to work with.  

Ocean Breezes

Here are the rest of the images from the shoot I did at Jones Beach State Park. I will post the images of my model in the water with the sheet at Prybils Beach in Glen Cove