Kodak Instamatic 126 Cartridge

A while ago I had found two cartridges of Kodak 126 film at my Grandmother’s house. It wasn’t but a month later I was given a Kodak Instamatic Camera, It was fate ! Developing the film on the other hand is another story, I had to mail it away and it took forever!!!  But finally here are a few….

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Color Transparencies

2013-06-23 10.53.37

I am currently working on scanning these color transparencies or slides. Which majority of them are on Kodak kodachromes and AGFA film both of which are no longer in production if I am not mistaken. I have to admit I am pretty excited doing it box by box, its like having a little surprise. What I particularly love about this project is that all of the slides are from the early to mid 60’s and 70’s well that is so far. I cant wait until I get them all scanned so then we can pick a few for me to restore!

I am still waiting to get my own negatives developed, unfortunately the place I normally go to closed down which is sad to see, but now I am on the look for the next best place where I wont get over charged. As for my inferred film I just haven’t had the time to travel into the city (NYC) which is the only place closest to me that develops it, needless to say they are a work in progress!!



For my birthday I purchased a kit to build a twin lens camera, oh the horror that was to put together! But it’s done and yesterday I finished the first roll in it, I hope that those images came out so that 1. I know the camera is working properly and 2. So that I can scan them and post the images for you to see!

I also came across a while back a camera that belonged to my Great Grandparents and in it was a half used roll of Kodacolor-X film, man I have not seen a roll of film that old well ever I think? I just hope that the film can be processed properly and that some of the original images have been preserved. Well hopefully I have some images to show you in the next few days. I also have finally found a place that can develop my infrared film, so excited to get that done!

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Twin Lens Vitoret