Neon Museum

While in Vegas one of the first places we visited was The Neon Museum. It was Amazing!, we went on a twilight photography tour so we had an undisturbed amount of time to take photos instead of being restricted to the cell phone only guided tour. Here they have the salvaged neon signs from the casinos that started it all. Most of them no longer work but there were still some that did. I highly suggest checking this place out, they are working on expanding and a new exhibit where an artist projects onto the non-working signs what they actually looked like when they did work.

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Cross Estate Garden

When we arrived at Cross Estate Garden in the Jockey Hollow area the smell was amazing! The volunteers were just finishing watering the garden and I have to say that is an awesome smell. Everything has a fresh, earthy smell and the water droplets make the plants look dewy and vibrant. As I mentioned it is a small garden but wonderfully maintained, I highly suggest checking the whole area out.

Morristown National Historical Park

Morristown National Historical Park is an amazing hidden little treasure. The park itself is broken up into four sections.  I have not seen the whole park yet, but I do plan on seeing it entirely. In the heart of Morristown you have the Museum and Washington’s Headquarters at Ford Mansion, Then you have Fort Nonsense, Jockey Hollow, and then the New Jersey Brigade Area which has a small beautiful very well maintained garden called Cross Estate Gardens. During our exploration, we only saw a small section of Jockey Hollow and the Gardens.  I can not wait to go back and see the rest of it. History is amazing, especially when it is in your own backyard. I also keep hearing about great restaurants in the area, so I can’t say no to that! The images you see here are from Cross Estate Gardens, More is to come so stay posted!

The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

Every year Historic Hudson Valley has The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze at The Van Cortlandt Manor. I highly suggest anyone to take an adventure to see this wondrous sight of thousands of illuminated pumpkins, both real and fake. Tickets do sell out quickly so I strongly urge you to plan in advance. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with adventures in and around Sleepy Hollow. Who doesn’t love The Legend of Sleepy Hollow !


Lyndhurst Mansion

Lyndhurst Mansion was once the home to many famous important people. The last family to live on the ground was that of Railroad tycoon Jay Gould. Many Music videos, TV shows, and movies have been filmed here as well. It was all decked out in all things Halloween, they had actors inside performing an Alice in Wonderland themed story, It was very cute. Right after Halloween they close the mansion so that they can prepare for Christmas…this I would love to see! Unfortunately because they have a professional lighting crew come in and for the sake of the actors they do not allow pictures of the interior during the holiday events.


TCI Tour

While on our stay in Turks & Caicos, we took part in a half-day Island tour. We Visited Cheshire Hall Plantation site, although the main house is in ruins the remainder of the property has been worked on to restore it despite encroachment of modern building around it. We also visited The Conch Farm, which is the first, and only of its type; the conch and fish supply local restaurants and grocery stores. If you have not tried fresh conch fritters or fried cracked conch I highly suggest it, it is delicious!



Riverbend Park is in Jupiter, FL. On this park is the Loxahatchee Battlefield of the seconded Seminole Indian war. This image is of the what is left of the preserved homestead from that site. If only the whole cabin was still there, the Spanish moss would have made it so enchanting!

Riverbend1 Riverbend2

Valley Forge National Park

In my travels south to Florida for the winter I was able to stop and visit with some great friends who live in Pennsylvania. While there we took in some history, we were able to go to the Valley Forge National Park. I was not able to see the whole park which is massive, only because of time and we were on foot. The area we saw had a small cluster of cabin that the soldiers used during the Revolutionary war. These cabins were not much, although I suppose it was enough to rest and get out of the elements. One of the cabins was open so I was able to see the meager relief it gave them. It had six bunks three beds on each side, a dirt floor, and a very small fire place. Like I said it is definitely better than having to sleep out in the open. Unfortunately I missed the peak fall foliage but it was still a gorgeous day none the less!


Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

These photographs are from the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach. Henry Flagler was a lesser known name of the industrial age; he joined in with Rockefeller and Andrews as founding partners in the Standard Oil Co.  It was later in his life and career that he made Florida the state that it is today by founding the “Florida East Coast Railway” which took you from Jacksonville all the way down to the Keys and provided you with stops to get to Steamships so you can make your way to the Bahamas, Cuba, or Panama; Building up Hotels and towns along the way.

There was a second building on the property which housed the Flagler family’s personal railcar, this building had beautiful metal and glass ceiling.

If only I could have taken pictures in the grandiose interior of the house but understandably you are not allowed to for the preservation of the artifacts.  I hope you enjoy these photographs!

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Sag Harbor HarborFest

So as I mentioned before in my “Hamptons weekend” post that Sag Harbor has a HarborFest every year. The main event is whale boat racing, which pays homage to the Historical Whaling Port that created the village. This event was created by the Whalers as a way to lighten the mood and have some fun in between voyages that very well could last as long as 7 years I believe.

So how it works now is that you start on the shore with four men and or women; two rowers, a harpooner (which is just a giant stick with a suction cup), and the person that steers the boat. Once all parties are in the boat you row towards the 1st buoy marker, you turn to get to the whale which then you have to at least hit the target with the “harpoon” and then make it around the 2nd buoy marker back to the shore.

This feat is easier said than done I feel because it is a two day event broken into the men’s and women’s teams. So depending on how many teams sign up you could have to race four or more times depending on if you keep making it in to the next round. I give them credit I don’t know if I could be able to do it.

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