Rutgers Gardens

Rutgers Gardens is part of the New Jersey State University’s School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. The grounds themselves make for a beautiful walk. Full of blooming flowers, insects and birds. As I walked around I was also shooting film I am still working on some of the rolls. I hope to get them developed soon.


Landing Road

This set of images were taken at my Grandmother’s childhood home at a time when my Aunt who also grew up at this house was battling cancer. I was not sure what to do with myself so I turned to the medium I love. I wanted to freeze time, try make the time left with my aunt last just that much longer.  The house had an awkward tension of sadness, loneliness as my Grandmother had passed a few years earlier, and now we were at the same doorstep with her daughter. These images are just a few that reflect the pieces of memory I will always go back to growing up here. If you are in my family you know well that this house is was and will always be a part of each of us. It was our foundation, center, it is our Landing Road.

Green Thumb

These images are from the backyard of my boyfriend’s cousin. He has the greenest thumb I have ever seen besides my grandmother of course. I was playing around on some of the images with my Lensbaby, what do you think?

Now I believe that the small white and purple flowers are a form of wild native orchid?  I hope you enjoy them!

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Gold Coast

Living on the north shore of Long Island we have a lot of historic mansions. Most of these Gold Coast mansions were donated by the families to private groups or the state so that they could be accessible to the public. Practically all of these properties had strolling gardens, pools, ponds  and multiple buildings on site; like play houses for the children, Tea rooms, and staff housing.

The property of Old Westbury Gardens was the home of John “Jay” Shaffer Phipps and Margarita Grace Phipps. Mr. Phipps Family was Co creator in the Carnegie Steel Company; where Mrs. Phipps father was the co creator of Grace Shipping Lines based in South America.

It is a shame they didn’t allow photography inside the home; the architecture alone is worth the trip. I have more to post,  I hope you like them


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Preserivng Open Spaces

My sister has a spot in the community garden by her apartment and I decided to spend a little time with her there, Which means that she was gardening while I roamed around snapping pictures. Most of what was planted in the garden were vegetables not too many flowers this late in the season besides the few that a couple of people had planted for a little added color.