Lenape Park

Lenape Park is a small stretch of a paved pathway in the middle of a swamp or marsh area. It follows along the Rahway River and it actually is in the middle of a path that connects four parks total. Black Brook Park, Nomahegan Park, and Echo Lake Park are the other three that you can access from it. Lenape Park had a lot of activity from pedestrians. In fact, the other parks do as well. This was somewhat disappointing for me because it made it difficult for me to try to stop to look and watch for wildlife.  At one point I spotted a cottontail rabbit, I stopped to try and take some photos but if I stopped dead I would be a hazard to the cyclists whizzing past or the power walkers. Before I could even get my camera up to snap away someone on a very noisy bike scared it off. They do have protected area for migrating birds so next time I go I will try and get there early enough to do some bird watching.  The Stretch of the park that I did walk was utterly taken over by the multi-floral rose which is an invasive species.

Landing Road

This set of images were taken at my Grandmother’s childhood home at a time when my Aunt who also grew up at this house was battling cancer. I was not sure what to do with myself so I turned to the medium I love. I wanted to freeze time, try make the time left with my aunt last just that much longer.  The house had an awkward tension of sadness, loneliness as my Grandmother had passed a few years earlier, and now we were at the same doorstep with her daughter. These images are just a few that reflect the pieces of memory I will always go back to growing up here. If you are in my family you know well that this house is was and will always be a part of each of us. It was our foundation, center, it is our Landing Road.


I recently have been investigating more of the Arboretums, Estates, and state parks in my area. This is Willowwwod Arboretum in Far Hills, NJ. Some of the images I used my wonderful Lensbaby for a beautiful creative effect !


Planting Fields Arboretum

Planting Fields Arboretum is a Beautifully preserved State Park that was once the Estate of the Coe Family. If you are ever interested in seeing the rich history of Long Island this is a must see! It is located in the historic town of Oyster Bay, Late spring – early summer I would say is the best time to go. I basically grew up walking the lush grounds of the Coe mansion it is just wonderful there.

Ten Days left

With just thirteen days left until Christmas and all of the extremely cold and snowy  weather happening in what seems to be everywhere in the US except here in Florida. I think that most people aren’t realizing that it is still fall, yes I said it fall! Winter officially starts in ten days. I am still missing the gorgeous warm yellow and red trees with pumpkins, apples and corn every where. I most defiantly did not get my fill of it before I travelled down here this winter. These images are from the cute little farm that I went pumpkin picking at on the east end of Long Island, I was I had more of it!

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Green Thumb

These images are from the backyard of my boyfriend’s cousin. He has the greenest thumb I have ever seen besides my grandmother of course. I was playing around on some of the images with my Lensbaby, what do you think?

Now I believe that the small white and purple flowers are a form of wild native orchid?  I hope you enjoy them!

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The Point, Mooresville N.C.

Here are the backyard images from the shoot I did at The Point on Lake Norman in Mooresville N.C  with a few shots of the Mama Mallard that nests in a very tall planter in the front of the house Enjoy!

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Once Upon a Garden




Here are some of the photographs that I took in north carolina these images are from the front yard of where I was staying. Later I will post the rest of the photographs from the house on The Point where I photographed the backyard.

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Flowers in the yard

These are some images of what little flowers I have in my back yard where I am currently living, The downside of living on a golf course I suppose? The garden is a small patch where a small shrub and a tree is, but I love the flowers they produce . With some of the images I used my lensbaby I hope you like the images!

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This course has a suiting name because literally that is all that I do when my boyfriend goes to play golf, Wander.

Enjoy!….Oh and I am working on the 120 film( still shooting) I cant wait to post it.

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