Happy as a Clam

I recently for the first time ever I went clamming! Well I really just took pictures while I pointed out a few areas where I thought would be a good spot. It was a successful adventure we ended up bringing home around 30 Clams, Majority of which were cherry stone or larger. As soon as we got home we threw the clams on the grill and ate them, I totally regret not taking pictures of the aftermath.

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Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Preserve

I have been cleaning and organizing my hard drive and I have decided to post some of my first photographs from my adventures down here in south Florida. Last year was the first year that I lived here during the winter season and being a lover of the outdoors I of course went to multiple nature preserves. Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Preserve was a nice place, this was also the first place where I saw alligators in the wild…. and it was a big guy! The picture I posted of the gator I took from my phone. This gator sure was a smart one just sitting around waiting at the fishing pier to snag someone’s catch… I went back a few weeks ago and he was still holding his territory strong a year later.

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Sag Harbor HarborFest

So as I mentioned before in my “Hamptons weekend” post that Sag Harbor has a HarborFest every year. The main event is whale boat racing, which pays homage to the Historical Whaling Port that created the village. This event was created by the Whalers as a way to lighten the mood and have some fun in between voyages that very well could last as long as 7 years I believe.

So how it works now is that you start on the shore with four men and or women; two rowers, a harpooner (which is just a giant stick with a suction cup), and the person that steers the boat. Once all parties are in the boat you row towards the 1st buoy marker, you turn to get to the whale which then you have to at least hit the target with the “harpoon” and then make it around the 2nd buoy marker back to the shore.

This feat is easier said than done I feel because it is a two day event broken into the men’s and women’s teams. So depending on how many teams sign up you could have to race four or more times depending on if you keep making it in to the next round. I give them credit I don’t know if I could be able to do it.

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The End

Montauk is a great place to visit what I enjoy the most about it besides the delicious food, the light house and the ocean is how it is one of the best fishing hubs on the Island. Something that I enjoy photographing is objects and places that are in a state of decay or are rusted and what better than to photograph well used boats kissed by the salty air and water. Unfortunately my plans did not quite work because a major storm rolled in but I still got some pretty nice shots out of some boats and Gosman’s Dock. I used my lensbaby on some of the pictures which came out with some great effects like that of the two pictures of the picnic tables and umbrellas, I wasn’t sure which I liked better vertical or horizontal so I posted both?