Over the past couple of years I have found Polaroid cameras at various thrift stores. I figure why not use them to create a series. I had my father help me with converting my land camera to take AAA batteries instead of the hard to find expensive one needed. Because of the cost of Polaroid film this project will be a constant effort and very selective with my shots, I am going to be very picky. I cant wait to see how it comes out !



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2017-02-15 13.13.58-2



Film is one of my favorite mediums in the world of photography, more importantly using toy cameras which are normally plastic based. I have quite a few toy cameras; two that I built  from kits and three that were bought. Holga to me hands down are the best, I have a regular 120mm Holga with a 35mm film converter, a Holga 120mm wide-angle pinhole camera, and a DSLR camera lens…I guess you can say I like Holga? The most exciting part about using these types of toy cameras is that you just never know the outcome. You are always guaranteed some form of light leak which I sometimes love, but you can also try to control with only electrical tape. It is also really easy to play with double exposures by either not advancing the film at all, only a little bit, or half way. Even though you don’t always have control of the outcome, you still have creative opportunity in how you choose to mess around while shooting.



Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Still working on all my film, here are some more images from my Holga 120mm film from a recent trip to TCI loved the island so much I would love to go back!!




Kodak Instamatic 126 Cartridge

A while ago I had found two cartridges of Kodak 126 film at my Grandmother’s house. It wasn’t but a month later I was given a Kodak Instamatic Camera, It was fate ! Developing the film on the other hand is another story, I had to mail it away and it took forever!!!  But finally here are a few….

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Scanning, Scanning, Scanning

I am almost finished with scanning all those color transparencies , Out of 1,489 slides I only have 216 left to go! I figure why not show a few, now these are not fully cleaned and digitally restored because it was such a large amount for me to do every single slide would probably have taken me a year. I am allowing the family to go through them all and from there they can pick which images they would like enlarged, cleaned , and printed if they choose. With all of the summer carnivals going on right now I figure why not post some images from the 1964 Worlds Fair in Queens, NY



It works!.. Sort of…

I finally got the film I shot with the plastic toy twin lens camera that I assembled (Oh what a horror that was!) but some came out thank goodness. Which means after all that the shutter actually works! Somewhere in the middle of the negative a good portion of it was blacked out I think that is because that’s were the lenses fell out on me…Oops! Oh well, now if I can get the focusing part down we will be set for more adventures!

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Color Transparencies

2013-06-23 10.53.37

I am currently working on scanning these color transparencies or slides. Which majority of them are on Kodak kodachromes and AGFA film both of which are no longer in production if I am not mistaken. I have to admit I am pretty excited doing it box by box, its like having a little surprise. What I particularly love about this project is that all of the slides are from the early to mid 60’s and 70’s well that is so far. I cant wait until I get them all scanned so then we can pick a few for me to restore!

I am still waiting to get my own negatives developed, unfortunately the place I normally go to closed down which is sad to see, but now I am on the look for the next best place where I wont get over charged. As for my inferred film I just haven’t had the time to travel into the city (NYC) which is the only place closest to me that develops it, needless to say they are a work in progress!!




For my birthday I purchased a kit to build a twin lens camera, oh the horror that was to put together! But it’s done and yesterday I finished the first roll in it, I hope that those images came out so that 1. I know the camera is working properly and 2. So that I can scan them and post the images for you to see!

I also came across a while back a camera that belonged to my Great Grandparents and in it was a half used roll of Kodacolor-X film, man I have not seen a roll of film that old well ever I think? I just hope that the film can be processed properly and that some of the original images have been preserved. Well hopefully I have some images to show you in the next few days. I also have finally found a place that can develop my infrared film, so excited to get that done!

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Twin Lens Vitoret


120 Finally

Finally! I have my negatives all scanned edited and ready to post! I was kind of annoyed in all honesty with the place that I went to, to have the film developed.  First they ran out of chemicals, which is understandable but they never called me so I let some time go by before I called them to see if they negatives were ready the reply was “umm yes I think so they are not hanging here, whats the name?” you think so? well you should have called maybe? then there would be a question about it, oh well what can you do?

The only disappointing thing was that they could not develop my Infrared film, If anyone could give me a suggestion as to where I might be able to have this done for a reasonable price, whither it be an online mail-in service or in the Wellington / Palm Beach area it would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

What I love about my Holga cameras is that you never really know what the outcome will be. As you see in my images you have double exposures and light leaks which I love. I have two kinds of Holga cameras a wide-angle pinhole and the traditional 120 Holga I love them both but pinhole camera is super sensitive and I clearly need a sturdier tripod and may a shutter release to help with the camera shake.

I hope you enjoy!

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Holga and 120

When I was in my senior year of college, I was introduced to a Holga camera and 120mm film.  In my opinion, that was way too late in my photographic career;  I fell head over heels IN LOVE! I suppose it is because I love surprises and with a “toy camera” (it’s made of plastic) you never, ever know what the outcome will be until the film is developed so it is always a surprise.

Now I know that with other film cameras this is the same case. You never really know what you have until developing day and when you make your contact sheets(Oh the darkroom, how I miss you)!

Ahem, anyway like I was saying; with a traditional film camera SLR or single lens reflex to be technical, you are in total control of everything. Holga on the other hand have two light settings (sunny and partly cloudy) which by the way are just picture symbols. Then there are four focal point settings which described by the pictures on the camera. Those settings focus on one person, three people, seven people and a mountain; Add in some glorious light leaks and streaks and the possibilities are endless!

I’ve posted some of the pictures I took while I was in school and introduced you (if you didn’t already know) to Holga and 120 film. On an impulse I purchased a surprise pack of 5 different films which I am now in the process of shooting, developing, and editing. I hope you enjoy my photographs and look forward to being just as surprised as I will be for how and when the new rolls will come out!

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