Rockefeller State Park

On Halloween we took an adventure to New York we started in Pleasantville making our way though Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, and Croton on the Hudson. In Pleasantville we started out with a lovely hike at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, where you hike on the  carriage roads that John D. Rockefeller Jr. created for friends and family to enjoy the natural beauty of the land his family owned. On the hike we passed through Stone Barns Center for food and agriculture’s pastures where we were able to see cattle relaxing, sheep going for a walk and not to mention beautiful sights of Bluebirds. Be sure to check back for the Halloween fun we had in the most historic place to celebrate the holiday…..Sleepy Hollow!


Living on the Swamp

I have no problem living on a swamp. Until summer comes and the bug apocalypse happens then we would have a major issue!! These few images are from Grassy Waters Preserve. Not much activity went on during this visit expect word of an Eagle spotting! I didn’t get to see it but found this Great Blue Heron hiding in trees.

Change of Focus

The couple of images here were shot with a Lensbaby. One of the best things about using your Lensbaby is the total control you have over everything. You have total artistic freedom with your “sweet spot” (area of focus), how large or small you want the spot to be and where in the frame you choose to be in focus. It is sort of like but not quite like having a 4×5 camera, only a lot lighter and easier to work with.  

Windy Day

Here are a couple of other images from my windy walk at the Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat (It’s a mouth full!). Although it was a little difficult getting some shots because of the wind it made for a gorgeous sky with large clouds and crisp blue sky’s. A few of the younger trees were full of Spanish moss, lichens, and other young version of air plants I found the way the light was flickering though the braches made for some beautiful light.

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Control of Nature

On my recent hike surprisingly there was a lot of activity, both in wildlife and visitors. Although I was happy about this there were some things that I wish I could have controlled. Things like getting a great angle but you have run out of space or land like in the case of the small alligator. If only I could have gotten it to move just a little bit more so I could get more of its amazing eye color, if I moved closer I would have been in the water with it. The other issue was dealing with rude people. Never have I been on a hike where business men were walking around for exercise while being on a call with it on speaker phone, I mean really? None the less it was an enjoyable day!

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Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands

Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Florida is one of the nature preserves that I have been to before, This time I feel there was more birding activity then I have ever seen before. It was a very nice day warm with a cooler breeze a lot of Turtles, Frogs, Green Teal Females, and more. On this trip there weren’t any alligators I assume it was because we were having some unseasonably cold weather that week.

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In the Swamps

Living in south Florida I am literally surrounded by water and swamp land & when I walk around the nature preserves that swamp land becomes somewhat enchanting. There is something about trees covered in Spanish moss with crystal blue skies and billowing clouds. All I have to say is that I am happy that I have NOT encountered

a venomous snake, alligator, or any other hazardous creature ! things would get ruined for me.. at least for a week or so then I would go back out

Peaceful Waters

Peaceful Waters sanctuary is one of the nature preserves in Wellington that I visit frequently. When I visit I like to look for different kinds of wildlife and plant life  I would call myself an amateur naturalist. This time around I had better luck with sightings there were Red-winged blackbirds, Common Gallinule, Sandhill cranes and of course a Great Egret. Funny story about the Sandhill cranes, they were fearless I was actually a little afraid. I was moving as close as I could to photograph them and every step I made they were moving closer and closer to me! Needless to say I started to quickly move in the opposite direction because the three of them were around three to four feet tall, Yikes! I am sure they are harmless but I have nothing for them and I did not want to get pecked. You can always see more of my images that I post right away on Instagram  and Twitter @caraloio

A Pano A Day (Panoramic Eight )

Ok I’m gonna do it, Going to Keep posting some more of my Panoramic’s. Feedback and comments are always welcomed! I hope you are enjoying the pano’s

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