Rockefeller State Park

On Halloween we took an adventure to New York we started in Pleasantville making our way though Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, and Croton on the Hudson. In Pleasantville we started out with a lovely hike at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, where you hike on the  carriage roads that John D. Rockefeller Jr. created for friends and family to enjoy the natural beauty of the land his family owned. On the hike we passed through Stone Barns Center for food and agriculture’s pastures where we were able to see cattle relaxing, sheep going for a walk and not to mention beautiful sights of Bluebirds. Be sure to check back for the Halloween fun we had in the most historic place to celebrate the holiday…..Sleepy Hollow!


Living on the Swamp

I have no problem living on a swamp. Until summer comes and the bug apocalypse happens then we would have a major issue!! These few images are from Grassy Waters Preserve. Not much activity went on during this visit expect word of an Eagle spotting! I didn’t get to see it but found this Great Blue Heron hiding in trees.

Riverbend Park

The other day my Fiancé and I took a ride north to Jupiter, We decided to take a walk in Riverbend Park. The swamp is an environment that I find so enticing; that is until I see a snake that could kill you! Until that day comes, I think I will continue to play with this unique nature as an art form


Because I LOVE the outdoors one of the first places I visited as soon as we settled down here in south Florida was Green Cay Nature Center & Wetlands in Boynton Beach. It had been a little on the cool side that week so there wasn’t too much activity going on that day. Here are a Tricolored Heron and a Purple Gallinule we spotted on our walk.

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Airboat and the Sun

I recently went on a airboat nature tour it was just as fun as the first time that I went, except for the fact that I got a sunburn and I wasn’t quite able to get as many as photographs of the gators that came out in good quality. It was a hot day so the sun had them on the move fast. Looks like I just have another excuse to go again!


The Point, Mooresville N.C.

Here are the backyard images from the shoot I did at The Point on Lake Norman in Mooresville N.C  with a few shots of the Mama Mallard that nests in a very tall planter in the front of the house Enjoy!

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Wellington Peaceful Waters

Peaceful Waters is a wildlife preserve on the edge of a sports utility park. One thing that I do enjoy about most of the preserves in Florida is that they have boardwalk running right through which allows you to get fairly close to seeing wildlife.

While I was walking here there was a large group of tree swallows probably around fifteen or more. I really can’t be sure because they wouldn’t stop flying around looping and swooping, they were either feeding and or doing a form of mating ritual. It was both males and females I am sorry that I could not get better pictures they were quite fast and didn’t perch the entire time I was watching them which was probably ten plus minutes or so until they flew off.

Some of the photographs towards the end of the gallery I used my lensbaby which helps give it a skewed perspective.

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