I was flipping through my film binders and I realized that I have a ton of transparencies which are positive film placed in plastic slides. This set of images are a few of the images are some of my favorites.




Long Island Oceans

Long Island has a reputation for a lot of things, one of which is its amazing Beaches. Waterfront properties are one of the causes for the ridiculous housing price tags on the Island, its kind of gross. On the other hand just look at them for the most part they are beautiful to visit no matter what the season. These images are from late summer / Fall out east in the Hamptons. I had some major fun with my Lensbaby and with editing. I didn’t do anything major but I like the contrast of colors along with some of the whites being blown out. I need to get back the beach soon for a shoot I do love a salty sandy filled wander, Enjoy!

Simple is Best

My summer this year was full of what felt like more downs than ups and it was over in the blink of an eye. I never got to do all the goals I wanted to , but I still have some time before winter sets in and I have to travel south. These three images I shot on Shelter Island are quite simple I know and yet they are extremely tranquil to me at the same time. The beach for me as I am sure it is for a lot of people is my escape, my meditation, my way to step away from it all.





Blowing Rocks Preserve

Blowing Rocks Preserve is located on Jupiter Island. This is a preserve I have visited in the past and I do enjoy coming back purely for the views. You have the Florida Inter-coastal on one side on the Jupiter inlet then on the other half of the preserve you have the gorgeous crystal green-blue Atlantic ocean. The reason why it is called Blowing Rocks is because of the large Limestone rock formations that line the entire coast of the beach. Limestone is extremely porous so it is full of holes of all sizes creating all kinds of caves and tunnels for the wind to blow through along with the waves to come crashing up, Which is the highlight for all the little kids that come visit. The only downside is it makes it a dangerous area to go swimming, which you can at your own risk! I for one would not take that risk, hitting those rocks could be deadly with the right current but then again I not the biggest fan of swimming in the ocean in general.

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Circle Beach, NY

My Boyfriend lives out east in The Hampton’s, this is good and bad depending on how you look at it. Traffic…CRAZY! Spending time with him and going to the beach amazing! this weekend he tried to surprise me with a sunset BBQ on the beach. Of course we had to fight off the rain at some points but we stuck it out and I am glad because it was simply delicious! He made me a Chicken Satay appetizer with a peanut dipping sauce, then for the main course we had Grilled Shrimp and cucumber lettuce wraps ; which I never thought of having a cucumber grilled I have always had it cold in a salad, or as a pickle it was really good! then for desert we had homemade chocolate mousse, YUM! If only the weather cooperated a little more I could have had more pictures. Here is a panoramic of the beach we were at in Noyac, NY right before the rain started to drizzle in!



Here they are, the last set of images from my shoot! With these images I was playing around with the sheet in the water with the gentle back and forth movement of the steady waves.

Funny story about doing this photo shoot, because it took two places one  at the Atlantic ocean while the other was on Hempstead Harbor / Long Island Sound (just about where the two meet) You get to see an array of people with varying personalities of course the people at Jones Beach (ocean) were looking at me like I was totally insane with a few here and there bouncing around in the background ruining the shots.

It was at Prybils Beach in Glen Cove ( on the harbor and sound) where I got the questions as to what it was I was doing and if it was a forensic crime scene  and if it was a real dead body that I was photographing?! Let’s just say YIKES! I honestly did not think it was that creepy?

I do have to say though that the two people who were gracious enough to allow me to embarrass them and help me were like “Cara, honestly where do you come up with these ideas this is creepy” I don’t know I just think of them, simple as that! Although I have been told while in college that my images have darkness about them, Not sure where it comes from?

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Ocean Breezes

Here are the rest of the images from the shoot I did at Jones Beach State Park. I will post the images of my model in the water with the sheet at Prybils Beach in Glen Cove


Weekend Shoot

Over the weekend I did a shoot at Jones Beach and a local beach in Glen Cove called Pryibls , I am pretty pleased with how things turned out. Here is a little sneak peek that I took with my phone using the Hipstamatic app (which I am in love with, along with Instagram) , Check back soon for the full post!


Morgan’s Park, Glen Cove N.Y.

I have been going to see the Fourth of July fireworks (I know, I’m kinda late) at Morgan’s Park in Glen Cove, NY since before I can remember. It is almost a summer staple at this point. I must say every year I feel like the firework display gets shorter and shorter while the amount of people who go continually gets larger! Either way I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed with this years show. These are the images that I liked the best out of the shoot, I hope you enjoy them as well!

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Here are a couple of images of fireworks from the Fourth of July weekend, There will be more to come! I have been busy with work plus scanning all those slides I am 641 slides in with at least another 600 more I would think? phew way more than I thought! I also am working on a scanning and editing project of my Great Grandfather. I just love old pictures. One of the reasons why I love photography so much, capturing a historic moment in time. Every moment and memory is historic to someone out there and photographs preserve it forever.

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