I was flipping through my film binders and I realized that I have a ton of transparencies which are positive film placed in plastic slides. This set of images are a few of the images are some of my favorites.




Oxidation is something that occurs all around us. For most people this is a bad thing, an annoyance that has ruined their car, tools, bike, etc. For me though it is amazing, I love the changing of colors, how an object can go from the perfect specimen to an unrecognizable object when photographed close-up to show the layers of texture and color changes. I have always had an obsession with broken, run down places and objects…. as if you couldn’t tell  ?    Hope you enjoy these images.

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Shelter Island, NY

While I was still in New York I took a trip to Shelter Island. From the ferry you can see this broken down pier. I was on the quest to find it, and I was not disappointed what so ever.  There was not much left to it except for the outer walls. I found a pillar and I just loved the texture of it.