Caffenol Process

I have recently played around with an alternative way to develop film. The Caffenol Process is not new but to me it is, and  I am in love! I miss being able to have the resources of a darkroom at my fingertips and I love love, love film but it is costly to not only buy but to develop as well. This is why I was super excited to try this method out, it is a mixture of instant coffee, vitamin C powder, and washing soda.  Super simple at home supplies, you of course still need photo fix but all these supplies are readily available online. This process only works with black and white film and it also increases the grain of the image so be careful

of your lighting and subject matter.



I was flipping through my film binders and I realized that I have a ton of transparencies which are positive film placed in plastic slides. This set of images are a few of the images are some of my favorites.




Film is one of my favorite mediums in the world of photography, more importantly using toy cameras which are normally plastic based. I have quite a few toy cameras; two that I built  from kits and three that were bought. Holga to me hands down are the best, I have a regular 120mm Holga with a 35mm film converter, a Holga 120mm wide-angle pinhole camera, and a DSLR camera lens…I guess you can say I like Holga? The most exciting part about using these types of toy cameras is that you just never know the outcome. You are always guaranteed some form of light leak which I sometimes love, but you can also try to control with only electrical tape. It is also really easy to play with double exposures by either not advancing the film at all, only a little bit, or half way. Even though you don’t always have control of the outcome, you still have creative opportunity in how you choose to mess around while shooting.



Scanning, Scanning, Scanning

I am almost finished with scanning all those color transparencies , Out of 1,489 slides I only have 216 left to go! I figure why not show a few, now these are not fully cleaned and digitally restored because it was such a large amount for me to do every single slide would probably have taken me a year. I am allowing the family to go through them all and from there they can pick which images they would like enlarged, cleaned , and printed if they choose. With all of the summer carnivals going on right now I figure why not post some images from the 1964 Worlds Fair in Queens, NY


It works!.. Sort of…

I finally got the film I shot with the plastic toy twin lens camera that I assembled (Oh what a horror that was!) but some came out thank goodness. Which means after all that the shutter actually works! Somewhere in the middle of the negative a good portion of it was blacked out I think that is because that’s were the lenses fell out on me…Oops! Oh well, now if I can get the focusing part down we will be set for more adventures!

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