South Mountain Reservation

South Mountain Reservation is a large area of preserved land, one small area of it is home to a sculpture garden, dog park, and a wildflower garden. The Wildflower area is a fenced in section of the preserve that is taken care of by volunteers.  One side of it was quite overgrown so I tried the other entrance which brought me directly to the wildflowers, they weren’t fully in bloom yet which just means I will have to go back. As I ventured deeper back I encountered a more swamp-like area with more sculptures aside from the ones at the front gate.  The area was rich with Multiflora Roses, Ferns, and Skunk Cabbage. I had to look up the Eastern Columbine and the purple flower I still am unsure of it looks to me to be in the rose family?

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Abandoned Station

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I ventured into Bucks County, PA. It was a fun adventure and we got to see a lot of lovely sights. We were driving around the county doing a covered bridges tour which I will be positing soon! On our drive I was always looking for abandoned buildings and well we came across this gas station, I had to stop and snap a few.


Painting with Light

Painting with light is always a fun time, the results are always amazingly unpredictable and unexpected. You could literally use any form of light source imaginable which makes it the best part. In this set of images the light source was sparklers, my painters were my Sister  and Mother-in-law.

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I recently have been investigating more of the Arboretums, Estates, and state parks in my area. This is Willowwwod Arboretum in Far Hills, NJ. Some of the images I used my wonderful Lensbaby for a beautiful creative effect !


Tungsten Vs. Daylight

In some of my older work I have transparencies or color slides,  For some odd reason I kept looking at them, so I have decided to start going through and scanning all of my negatives a little bit at a time. The assignment was to play around with daylight & tungsten (light bulbs) film at various times of day. Some clearly are too blue than supposed to be but at times it also work with the isolation of the subject matter. This is one medium I think I might revisit. These slides are from about eight or so years ago, I can only image what it would cost to have this kind of film developed and mounted today … yikes!


TCI Tour

While on our stay in Turks & Caicos, we took part in a half-day Island tour. We Visited Cheshire Hall Plantation site, although the main house is in ruins the remainder of the property has been worked on to restore it despite encroachment of modern building around it. We also visited The Conch Farm, which is the first, and only of its type; the conch and fish supply local restaurants and grocery stores. If you have not tried fresh conch fritters or fried cracked conch I highly suggest it, it is delicious!