A New Year

The past few days I have been traveling to different nature preserves. I love being outside photographing nature or using it as a backdrop. There is something that I have just come to love about the swamps here in Florida with all the trees covered in Spanish moss, it’s enchanting specially if the sky is just right. I have come across some new ideas and techniques I would like it experiment with, as well as new project ideas. In the next few days I will have up some images from my ventures until then here are some images I took with my iPhone with the help of my favorite app Hipstamatic.
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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without dessert. I changed it up this year and made Delicious chocolate pecan bars and a pumpkin cheesecake mmm mmm!


The Old Field, Southold NY

The Old Field is a Vineyard in Southold, NY which is on the north fork of Long Island. It was a cute little farm stead that has been family run since the 1800’s in the more recent years has it been converted into a vineyard. It was a peaceful place bustling with the pecking and crows of chicken, roosters and a few ducks. Every now and then you would be visited by the adorable older family dog.

Some of the image you see were taken by my iPhone and I used the app Hipstamatic, which I love!

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The Walker Cup

Over the weekend I had the opportunity of going to The Walker Cup at National Golf Links of American in Southampton, NY. Now you aren’t supposed to take pictures unless of course you have a press pass; So All of my images are from my IPhone. By the time I got there it was already over meaning that a winner was declared, however I was still able to see a couple of players finish out their round. Now just incase you do not know The Walker Cup is an amateur tournament open to Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States. Most of the Pro golfers that you see today and over the past years got their start with The Walker Cup. The course is a beautiful place, Then again so is the rest of Long Island! I hope you enjoy the images


Fall is in the air

Last Nights sunset was a nice one! But with all this cool weather I fear that the seasons are changing! It really doesn’t help either when everywhere you look is back to school with Halloween things creeping its way in, before you know it Christmas things will be in the store! I hate how the stores don’t let you enjoy the season while its there, they just push the next one on you!
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Weekend Shoot

Over the weekend I did a shoot at Jones Beach and a local beach in Glen Cove called Pryibls , I am pretty pleased with how things turned out. Here is a little sneak peek that I took with my phone using the Hipstamatic app (which I am in love with, along with Instagram) , Check back soon for the full post!



This tree is on the beach of the Nature Preserve that I work at in Glen Cove on Hempstead Harbor. This tree is one of 4 that came down on the beach alone from hurricane sandy.
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