The Point, Mooresville N.C.

Here are the backyard images from the shoot I did at The Point on Lake Norman in Mooresville N.C  with a few shots of the Mama Mallard that nests in a very tall planter in the front of the house Enjoy!

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Once Upon a Garden




Here are some of the photographs that I took in north carolina these images are from the front yard of where I was staying. Later I will post the rest of the photographs from the house on The Point where I photographed the backyard.

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Headed North

It is the time of the season when I am back in New York for the summer. On our travels north we make a rest stop in North Carolina. Mooresville is a nice little town just outside Charlotte, which is unfortunately slowly being built up and just like here on long island. I only say unfortunately because many people myself included want to get away from all that congestion, but it is still lovely and tranquil none the less.

The town of Morrisville is build around Lake Norman (which is huge, I think the largest man-made lake around?) and while I was visiting I got to explore around to different parts of it. I did a shoot for my Boyfriends aunt who has her own landscape design company, they are coming up soon! First here are a couple of panoramic that I shot two are from the dock of the clients house at The Point and the other is from his aunts dock.  I hope you enjoy!

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A Pano A Day (Panoramic Eight )

Ok I’m gonna do it, Going to Keep posting some more of my Panoramic’s. Feedback and comments are always welcomed! I hope you are enjoying the pano’s

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Panoramic Eight

Panoramic Thirteen

Yet another Panoramic Photo from Orlando. I went Pano happy this time..not sure if I am going to post them all . I Hope you enjoy!

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Panoramic 13


An Outing in Orlando

These photographs are from a golf course in Orlando that I went to a while back. Although it was super cold that day it was one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have seen, so it was well worth it! I also have quite a few panoramic photos that I am editing. I hope You Enjoy!

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120 Finally

Finally! I have my negatives all scanned edited and ready to post! I was kind of annoyed in all honesty with the place that I went to, to have the film developed.  First they ran out of chemicals, which is understandable but they never called me so I let some time go by before I called them to see if they negatives were ready the reply was “umm yes I think so they are not hanging here, whats the name?” you think so? well you should have called maybe? then there would be a question about it, oh well what can you do?

The only disappointing thing was that they could not develop my Infrared film, If anyone could give me a suggestion as to where I might be able to have this done for a reasonable price, whither it be an online mail-in service or in the Wellington / Palm Beach area it would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

What I love about my Holga cameras is that you never really know what the outcome will be. As you see in my images you have double exposures and light leaks which I love. I have two kinds of Holga cameras a wide-angle pinhole and the traditional 120 Holga I love them both but pinhole camera is super sensitive and I clearly need a sturdier tripod and may a shutter release to help with the camera shake.

I hope you enjoy!

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Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Preserve

I have been cleaning and organizing my hard drive and I have decided to post some of my first photographs from my adventures down here in south Florida. Last year was the first year that I lived here during the winter season and being a lover of the outdoors I of course went to multiple nature preserves. Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Preserve was a nice place, this was also the first place where I saw alligators in the wild…. and it was a big guy! The picture I posted of the gator I took from my phone. This gator sure was a smart one just sitting around waiting at the fishing pier to snag someone’s catch… I went back a few weeks ago and he was still holding his territory strong a year later.

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