Person in water

This month I had the pleasure of having my cousin as a model for the project I have been working on of People in water. I am quite excited about the outcome! I am editing now here is a taste of what is to come…. IMG_0030


Over the past couple of years I have found Polaroid cameras at various thrift stores. I figure why not use them to create a series. I had my father help me with converting my land camera to take AAA batteries instead of the hard to find expensive one needed. Because of the cost of Polaroid film this project will be a constant effort and very selective with my shots, I am going to be very picky. I cant wait to see how it comes out !



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2017-02-15 13.13.58-2


Oxidation is something that occurs all around us. For most people this is a bad thing, an annoyance that has ruined their car, tools, bike, etc. For me though it is amazing, I love the changing of colors, how an object can go from the perfect specimen to an unrecognizable object when photographed close-up to show the layers of texture and color changes. I have always had an obsession with broken, run down places and objects…. as if you couldn’t tell  ?    Hope you enjoy these images.

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Landing Road

This set of images were taken at my Grandmother’s childhood home at a time when my Aunt who also grew up at this house was battling cancer. I was not sure what to do with myself so I turned to the medium I love. I wanted to freeze time, try make the time left with my aunt last just that much longer.  The house had an awkward tension of sadness, loneliness as my Grandmother had passed a few years earlier, and now we were at the same doorstep with her daughter. These images are just a few that reflect the pieces of memory I will always go back to growing up here. If you are in my family you know well that this house is was and will always be a part of each of us. It was our foundation, center, it is our Landing Road.

It’s Been a While

I have been gone for a while and in all honest I hope this never happens again for this amount of time! A lot of events have happened since my moving back to NY some for the worse but thankfully even more have been for the better. Through these events I have been brainstorming and came up with a few possible project and series ideas that I hope to be working on very shortly! I’m excited to see the outcome.

Here are a couple of images from my traveling up the east coast from Florida back to NY, We made a few stops in NC and PA along the way! These images came about because we stopped for gas and lunch in St.George SC. Besides the beautifully abandoned rotting houses, hotels, & old Ice Cream shacks ( These images will be coming soon!) I found Fireworks in the gas station and I had to get Sparklers, because as soon as I laid my eyes on them I thought only one thing….Painting with light! It was a lot of fun except for the fact that I had more mess up images than good ones, Thats always the catch when you’re in the dark.

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An Idea…

Originally I was unsure about posting these images, they were outtakes from my other Lensbaby images. I was played around with the Lensbaby “Creative aperture rings” which causes a Bokeh effect. After looking though them a few times I had an idea, Hopefully my idea will play out; we shall see?

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Man Vs. Nature

I recently decided to revisit an idea I had a while ago, with my original series I used transparent colored cellophane ( the kind used to cover Easter baskets ) this time it was surprisingly harder to find so I got colored foil wrap instead. When I did this series it was done around the same season funny enough only because I was in NY when I did it I had some snowy weather to play with. Although I did both series in the woods, There is no comparison between Northern and Southern forests. I wanted to use this as a variation, all of the Spanish moss, palms, and swamps to play with; only I had the wind and a drought fighting against me. I found a large puddle you could say, it did have little guppy fish in it but it wasn’t what I was going for. I am still working on this and it does have a lot of work to go, but I think it is an idea that I will continue to play around with. The last few images I used selective color in parts of the image against Black and White.

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All About Light

With photography light is the most important aspect to it, and depending on what you are trying to achieve it can make or break the image. luckily where I am living we get an amazing amount of light, but most importantly we get the amber glow of sunset light. Which I know it is all about the light right at sunrise and at sunset, the sunset last night was missed because I was distracted by the way the light was hitting by Boyfriend. This was an extremely rare occasion because he NEVER lets me photograph him, so I jumped on it racing against the setting sun. I did not quite achieve what I was going for, but luckily I can work with this light every evening. Now if only my subject was so willing!

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Here they are, the last set of images from my shoot! With these images I was playing around with the sheet in the water with the gentle back and forth movement of the steady waves.

Funny story about doing this photo shoot, because it took two places one  at the Atlantic ocean while the other was on Hempstead Harbor / Long Island Sound (just about where the two meet) You get to see an array of people with varying personalities of course the people at Jones Beach (ocean) were looking at me like I was totally insane with a few here and there bouncing around in the background ruining the shots.

It was at Prybils Beach in Glen Cove ( on the harbor and sound) where I got the questions as to what it was I was doing and if it was a forensic crime scene  and if it was a real dead body that I was photographing?! Let’s just say YIKES! I honestly did not think it was that creepy?

I do have to say though that the two people who were gracious enough to allow me to embarrass them and help me were like “Cara, honestly where do you come up with these ideas this is creepy” I don’t know I just think of them, simple as that! Although I have been told while in college that my images have darkness about them, Not sure where it comes from?

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Ocean Breezes

Here are the rest of the images from the shoot I did at Jones Beach State Park. I will post the images of my model in the water with the sheet at Prybils Beach in Glen Cove