Essex County Asylum

On Monday I had the pleasure of walking the halls of the abandoned asylum in Cedar Grove, NJ it was simply amazing! From what I understand the grounds have been closed for ten years or so everything was left in an odd standstill. Some of the furniture was clearly from kids going in to hang out/ party and just vandalize the place I love the eerie stillness…Abandoned and beautiful more to come !

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Tungsten Vs. Daylight

In some of my older work I have transparencies or color slides,  For some odd reason I kept looking at them, so I have decided to start going through and scanning all of my negatives a little bit at a time. The assignment was to play around with daylight & tungsten (light bulbs) film at various times of day. Some clearly are too blue than supposed to be but at times it also work with the isolation of the subject matter. This is one medium I think I might revisit. These slides are from about eight or so years ago, I can only image what it would cost to have this kind of film developed and mounted today … yikes!