Spring Flowers

Planting Fields Arboretum is a place I have been visiting for as long as I can remember. I have recently gone back for a visit since moving from the state and I will continue to love it. A lot of the flowers on the grounds were still struggling from this unpredictable weather but the green houses as always looked amazing.



Profanity Houses


The “Profanity Houses” were once a part of the Rutherfurd-Styvesant Family but the property now belongs to Allamuchy Mountain State Park. When I first walked upon the houses I immediately had the thought that I have seen American Horror Story one too many times, thankfully I never venture alone! There are three buildings still standing and one that is collapsed rubble, we checked out what was a stable first and right away, you had a taste of why they people call them profanity houses. This area clearly became a party place as well as a writing page for inappropriate angry thoughts, but hey, I guess everyone was just venting? From what I have read online, it seems there are other buildings on the property. I suppose this means another adventure is in the works. With some of the images I was using my Lensbaby for a blurred dreamy like effect.

TCI Tour

While on our stay in Turks & Caicos, we took part in a half-day Island tour. We Visited Cheshire Hall Plantation site, although the main house is in ruins the remainder of the property has been worked on to restore it despite encroachment of modern building around it. We also visited The Conch Farm, which is the first, and only of its type; the conch and fish supply local restaurants and grocery stores. If you have not tried fresh conch fritters or fried cracked conch I highly suggest it, it is delicious!