Prescribed Burn

On a recent hike at Oxbow Nature Preserve in Port St. Lucie my fiancé and I came across a section of the trail that recently was prescribed a burn.  You could still smell  the slightly sweet scent of burning wood but I loved the look of the ashes still in the formation of palm fronds were strewn about as if they were confetti.

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Riverbend Park is in Jupiter, FL. On this park is the Loxahatchee Battlefield of the seconded Seminole Indian war. This image is of the what is left of the preserved homestead from that site. If only the whole cabin was still there, the Spanish moss would have made it so enchanting!

Riverbend1 Riverbend2

Living on the Swamp

I have no problem living on a swamp. Until summer comes and the bug apocalypse happens then we would have a major issue!! These few images are from Grassy Waters Preserve. Not much activity went on during this visit expect word of an Eagle spotting! I didn’t get to see it but found this Great Blue Heron hiding in trees.

Green Cay

Here are the rest of the images from my walk at Green Cay Nature Center. We saw Limpkins, Tri-Colored Herons, Great Egrets, Wood Storks, and a few Painted Buntings hanging out by the feeder.

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