All About Light

With photography light is the most important aspect to it, and depending on what you are trying to achieve it can make or break the image. luckily where I am living we get an amazing amount of light, but most importantly we get the amber glow of sunset light. Which I know it is all about the light right at sunrise and at sunset, the sunset last night was missed because I was distracted by the way the light was hitting by Boyfriend. This was an extremely rare occasion because he NEVER lets me photograph him, so I jumped on it racing against the setting sun. I did not quite achieve what I was going for, but luckily I can work with this light every evening. Now if only my subject was so willing!

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One thought on “All About Light

  1. Looks kind of like grandfather mountain. I am sure your subject will be glad to hear that, but I just mean the profile at that particular angle.

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