Blowing Rocks Preserve

Blowing Rocks Preserve is located on Jupiter Island. This is a preserve I have visited in the past and I do enjoy coming back purely for the views. You have the Florida Inter-coastal on one side on the Jupiter inlet then on the other half of the preserve you have the gorgeous crystal green-blue Atlantic ocean. The reason why it is called Blowing Rocks is because of the large Limestone rock formations that line the entire coast of the beach. Limestone is extremely porous so it is full of holes of all sizes creating all kinds of caves and tunnels for the wind to blow through along with the waves to come crashing up, Which is the highlight for all the little kids that come visit. The only downside is it makes it a dangerous area to go swimming, which you can at your own risk! I for one would not take that risk, hitting those rocks could be deadly with the right current but then again I not the biggest fan of swimming in the ocean in general.

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