Bluegrass & BAR-B-QUE

Last night I went to the first night it lasts all weekend; of the first annual Bluegrass & BAR-B-QUE festival. It was held at the Yesteryear Village which is apart of the South Florida Fair Grounds. The Village portion of the grounds has various buildings that show what it was like living in Florida in the late 1800 to early 1900’s. It was a pretty nice evening overall, they were lacking a little in the BBQ department there were only four options for BBQ then you had your pick of hamburgers and hot dogs etc. The BBQ I had last night was delicious! They didn’t have official branding (underground is usually the best option) so I don’t know who they were but the ribs were so good! The Bluegrass was great as well they have various acts performing all day long, the two bands that you see are Pine Island Express Band and then later on in the evening Ricky Skaggs preformed. It was a lot of fun, there are a few different kinds of these events dealing with great music and great BBQ at the Grounds there, if only I could attend them all!

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One thought on “Bluegrass & BAR-B-QUE

  1. 2 years ago, we had “a festival” here in town. after a series of debacles, the festival wasn’t much of a success… I got to see Ricky, in the pouring rain, along with about 75 other people… Awesome! I’ll never forget it!

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