Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Wakodahatchee Wetlands is a boardwalk nature preserve in Delray Beach. The was my first time at the nature preserve and it was full of nesting birds like Great Herons, Anhinga, and a few wood storks. The waters that surround the boardwalk were full with large schools of carp which looked the only kind of fish that could survive in the murky water. off water and are more likely than not apart of water treatment plants.

Now I am an avid walker of these kinds of natures preserves since coming down to Florida, but this particular visit I was a little put off. Like always it was full of birders, nature lovers, and the occasional workout group power housing loops, but I felt as though the people were on top of you constantly. At one point I stopped in a shaded part to change my lens and get a few images of the fish, well the moment I sat down four people were literally trying to squeeze their way into the two foot gap between the rail and the bench to see the tree full of bird nests. They were basically sitting in my lap the entire time I was trying to take pictures, total lack of personal space I felt as though I was with a bunch of bird paparazzi. Maybe it was because it was a hot sunny day or the fact that on Long Island when I go on nature hikes normally you do not see many people so I am used to being alone when I go.  I will probably give it a second chance, it was a beautiful place with lots of bird sightings as always.

You can always see more images on Instagram and Twitter @caraloio


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