Animals of the Fair

At the South Florida Fair , like any true state fair they have livestock and more on show. Mostly Cattle and horses then they have chicken, ducks, rabbits, and a few hamsters and guinea pigs. I do not know how the other animals are judged but I for the first time watched it being done for the cattle. It is exactly like a dog show, except a lot larger and very much harder to get control of; They look at the shape of body and the cows coat. You can see that the handlers have a long stick with a little hook (non-violent tool) on the end used to scratch their bellies and gently poke at the cow’s leg so they can get it to stand they way the handler wants and they all had a specific kind of comb. You then could see all of the dairy show cows being milked regularly on a show platform this was done by mostly young farmers who are apart of the local 4-H programs.


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