The fair is here!

The South Florida Fair is upon us! A circling maze full with the sounds of laughter, screams from the terrified thrill seeking riders, and games. The wonderful smells of anything you can imagine being fried and coated in confectioners sugar along with all things BBQ. Not to mention all things livestock! Prize winning cows, goats, horses, rabbits, and chickens; besides what would a state fair be without them? Being from NY and going to a fair in the middle of January only makes me crave all things that are summer! That is the only time I am able to enjoy familiar sights and sounds, minus the livestock unless I ventured upstate to the New York state fair (hmm, that’s an idea?) Anyway because the fair lasts for so long (Jan 17- Feb 2) I will most likely be going at least one to possibly two more times so I was going to wait to post all of the images.

South Florida Fair


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