International Beach Clean Up

Over the weekend my job hosted its annual International beach clean up. We had a  good turn out of people volunteering to help clean, preserving our beaches and the waterways around them by doing so. In the images you see the a brave group of individuals from LIU Post college tackle the hard work of removing a 500 lbs. tire that washed up because of Hurricane Sandy. There was another tire but it was just about 150 lbs. The total amount of garbage with everything that was collected I am going to guess was around 1000 lbs maybe a little less.  Now it is great that all this garbage was collected, the sad part is that the garbage was there in the first place. This was just one small area about less than a mile or so on the coast of Hempstead Harbor right near the opening of the Long Island Sound. Take that number we got for the small area we are and image doing this on every piece of coastal land on Long Island. We do have a lot of coastal property if you take into account every Harbor, Inlet, Sound, Bay, and Ocean Beach. We put this garbage out there we should all take the time to pick some up when we see it, more than just once a year.

As a thank you treat for helping to clean everyone was offered refreshments and a short show on some native Long Island wildlife. There was a Screech Owl, Eastern Box Turtle , and a very cute but chubby Opossum.



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