Here they are, the last set of images from my shoot! With these images I was playing around with the sheet in the water with the gentle back and forth movement of the steady waves.

Funny story about doing this photo shoot, because it took two places one  at the Atlantic ocean while the other was on Hempstead Harbor / Long Island Sound (just about where the two meet) You get to see an array of people with varying personalities of course the people at Jones Beach (ocean) were looking at me like I was totally insane with a few here and there bouncing around in the background ruining the shots.

It was at Prybils Beach in Glen Cove ( on the harbor and sound) where I got the questions as to what it was I was doing and if it was a forensic crime scene  and if it was a real dead body that I was photographing?! Let’s just say YIKES! I honestly did not think it was that creepy?

I do have to say though that the two people who were gracious enough to allow me to embarrass them and help me were like “Cara, honestly where do you come up with these ideas this is creepy” I don’t know I just think of them, simple as that! Although I have been told while in college that my images have darkness about them, Not sure where it comes from?

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