Strange Thoughts

When I was in college I was given an assignment, while I do not remember the exact details of it I know that I had to use toilet paper (I know strange, right?) I played around with using it in various ways; I wrapped things with it, set it on fire, casted shadows onto it, wove it into things, and just let the wind take it at the ocean. Out of all of the different ways I shot it the last one really stood out to me, this everyday necessity that is used and thrown away became graceful and majestic; well at least I think it did, what do you think?

Hamptons, NY

So I had this idea, what if I took the same concept of allowing a material, in this case I used a bed sheet and just letting the wind take control. At the same time giving the sheet shape and dimension by using a model; I then took it a step farther by placing a model in water letting the waves gently toss the sheet around them. Honestly I am pleased with the results I think it could be a beginning to something?  Thoughts and comments are always welcome, feedback is a wonderful thing at times.

Here is one of the images  I am still working on editing the remainder.

Jones Beach, NY

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