Sunshine State

This summer season is going all too fast! Here are a few more images from my travels around south Florida… Pretty soon that’s all I will be posting!


Little Cottage

For the amount of times in have walked and drove down the street I have always loved this house. It seems cute , cozy, and rustic. I suppose it’s an ode to the way Roslyn used to look


Top of the Lighthouse

I have been going though my computer and external hard drives, cleaning them up a bit. I came across Images from my first year living in Florida for the winter; I then realized how fast the times goes and soon I will be making the drive back down! well until then I hope that you can enjoy these images that brought back great memories of all the places I was able to visit! This Particular Images is a Panoramic from the top of the Jupiter Lighthouse.

Circle Beach, NY

My Boyfriend lives out east in The Hampton’s, this is good and bad depending on how you look at it. Traffic…CRAZY! Spending time with him and going to the beach amazing! this weekend he tried to surprise me with a sunset BBQ on the beach. Of course we had to fight off the rain at some points but we stuck it out and I am glad because it was simply delicious! He made me a Chicken Satay appetizer with a peanut dipping sauce, then for the main course we had Grilled Shrimp and cucumber lettuce wraps ; which I never thought of having a cucumber grilled I have always had it cold in a salad, or as a pickle it was really good! then for desert we had homemade chocolate mousse, YUM! If only the weather cooperated a little more I could have had more pictures. Here is a panoramic of the beach we were at in Noyac, NY right before the rain started to drizzle in!


Giglio Society of East Harlem, NY

Over the Weekend I ventured to the community where my sister lives in East Harlem. I went on the last day of the Italian feast that was happening literally right outside her building! ” O’ Giglio in honor of sant’ Antonia di Padua (Saint Anthony of Padua)” They had all kinds of food, games, and tons of fireworks being set off.  The main reason that everyone is there is so they can do the ceremonial lift of the “Gigli” or “Giglio” I am not sure of the proper term. It is a large structure on a wooden base where a band and a few others sit and stand on it while it is carried around in stages to the Church in this case it was Our Lady of Mount Carmel in East Harlem. It must be quite the effort but interesting none the less. This time was actually the first year where the did the walking of it twice! Those people must have been tried!

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Here they are, the last set of images from my shoot! With these images I was playing around with the sheet in the water with the gentle back and forth movement of the steady waves.

Funny story about doing this photo shoot, because it took two places one  at the Atlantic ocean while the other was on Hempstead Harbor / Long Island Sound (just about where the two meet) You get to see an array of people with varying personalities of course the people at Jones Beach (ocean) were looking at me like I was totally insane with a few here and there bouncing around in the background ruining the shots.

It was at Prybils Beach in Glen Cove ( on the harbor and sound) where I got the questions as to what it was I was doing and if it was a forensic crime scene  and if it was a real dead body that I was photographing?! Let’s just say YIKES! I honestly did not think it was that creepy?

I do have to say though that the two people who were gracious enough to allow me to embarrass them and help me were like “Cara, honestly where do you come up with these ideas this is creepy” I don’t know I just think of them, simple as that! Although I have been told while in college that my images have darkness about them, Not sure where it comes from?

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Ocean Breezes

Here are the rest of the images from the shoot I did at Jones Beach State Park. I will post the images of my model in the water with the sheet at Prybils Beach in Glen Cove


In the Wind

Here are some of the images from my Shoot at Jones Beach State Park. With some of the images I played around with my Lensbaby, What do you think?

Strange Thoughts

When I was in college I was given an assignment, while I do not remember the exact details of it I know that I had to use toilet paper (I know strange, right?) I played around with using it in various ways; I wrapped things with it, set it on fire, casted shadows onto it, wove it into things, and just let the wind take it at the ocean. Out of all of the different ways I shot it the last one really stood out to me, this everyday necessity that is used and thrown away became graceful and majestic; well at least I think it did, what do you think?

Hamptons, NY

So I had this idea, what if I took the same concept of allowing a material, in this case I used a bed sheet and just letting the wind take control. At the same time giving the sheet shape and dimension by using a model; I then took it a step farther by placing a model in water letting the waves gently toss the sheet around them. Honestly I am pleased with the results I think it could be a beginning to something?  Thoughts and comments are always welcome, feedback is a wonderful thing at times.

Here is one of the images  I am still working on editing the remainder.

Jones Beach, NY

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