It works!.. Sort of…

I finally got the film I shot with the plastic toy twin lens camera that I assembled (Oh what a horror that was!) but some came out thank goodness. Which means after all that the shutter actually works! Somewhere in the middle of the negative a good portion of it was blacked out I think that is because that’s were the lenses fell out on me…Oops! Oh well, now if I can get the focusing part down we will be set for more adventures!

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Color Transparencies

2013-06-23 10.53.37

I am currently working on scanning these color transparencies or slides. Which majority of them are on Kodak kodachromes and AGFA film both of which are no longer in production if I am not mistaken. I have to admit I am pretty excited doing it box by box, its like having a little surprise. What I particularly love about this project is that all of the slides are from the early to mid 60’s and 70’s well that is so far. I cant wait until I get them all scanned so then we can pick a few for me to restore!

I am still waiting to get my own negatives developed, unfortunately the place I normally go to closed down which is sad to see, but now I am on the look for the next best place where I wont get over charged. As for my inferred film I just haven’t had the time to travel into the city (NYC) which is the only place closest to me that develops it, needless to say they are a work in progress!!


Beach Grass

I love everything there could be about the beach and salt water! Here are a few image from Long Beach in Sag Harbor, NY. For some reason I was attracted to the beach grass instead of the sunset.

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Camp Hero Radio Tower Part One

Camp Hero is a New York State Preserve in Montauk on the east end of Long Island. It was once a military camp, the building that you see here was the radio tower which was a few miles away from the main camp site property which is home to the Montauk Light House and Museum. The Building was fully stocked with swallows and nests, what is good is that the structures are on wildlife preserve that is New York State Protected, which basically means the buildings are not coming down any time soon! I have not fully explored the full area but trust me I do want to go back and explore more. Just as soon as I get myself a tick repellent suit! Only kidding; oh but if only I had one.
On the day that I ventured out it was rainy and foggy which in a way I think helped the images out a bit. They turned out grainy from the lighting which is so suiting specially because at the main camp site it has been rumored that everyone disappeared from an alien abductions ( is it true? I don’t know but let’s hope not, right?) its creepy none the less as are all abandoned places but I l have a strong love for that which is left and forgotten. It’s a huge plus if it’s rusted I could get lost for hours photographing rusted objects! Enjoy!

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