Headed North

It is the time of the season when I am back in New York for the summer. On our travels north we make a rest stop in North Carolina. Mooresville is a nice little town just outside Charlotte, which is unfortunately slowly being built up and just like here on long island. I only say unfortunately because many people myself included want to get away from all that congestion, but it is still lovely and tranquil none the less.

The town of Morrisville is build around Lake Norman (which is huge, I think the largest man-made lake around?) and while I was visiting I got to explore around to different parts of it. I did a shoot for my Boyfriends aunt who has her own landscape design company, they are coming up soon! First here are a couple of panoramic that I shot two are from the dock of the clients house at The Point and the other is from his aunts dock.  I hope you enjoy!

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