The Ocean at Lake Worth

I ventured out to the ocean the other day, which I always love! The only downside it that I takes a while to get there from where I live here in Florida, I miss it so much it is my favorite place to be. When I am home on Long Island I am so spoiled I don’t have to go far to get to one, I guess that makes me a beach / water rat cause I love both! If I am at the bay just give me a tube and I will float for one to two hours! And I love every second of it! Oh summer can’t come soon enough. I was hoping for some surfing action but it was way too calm so there weren’t any waves.

That didn’t stop the surfers from chilling on their board out in the water anyway. The flock of seagulls that I photographed was a great subject they didn’t move at all. I just walked right up to them.  Enjoy!

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