Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

These photographs are from the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach. Henry Flagler was a lesser known name of the industrial age; he joined in with Rockefeller and Andrews as founding partners in the Standard Oil Co.  It was later in his life and career that he made Florida the state that it is today by founding the “Florida East Coast Railway” which took you from Jacksonville all the way down to the Keys and provided you with stops to get to Steamships so you can make your way to the Bahamas, Cuba, or Panama; Building up Hotels and towns along the way.

There was a second building on the property which housed the Flagler family’s personal railcar, this building had beautiful metal and glass ceiling.

If only I could have taken pictures in the grandiose interior of the house but understandably you are not allowed to for the preservation of the artifacts.  I hope you enjoy these photographs!

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