Playing with shape and light

While I was at the peaceful waters preserve I was playing around with the aperture rings that my lensbaby has as accessories. I went with the shaped ones for fun, I am still learning the in and outs of my lensbaby, it’s a matter of trial and error till you really have the hang of it I feel.

Even thought there really wasn’t much of a subject in these photographs I really liked these, I found that the palm tree gave just the right about of lens flair to give me the shapes I was looking for.

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Wellington Peaceful Waters

Peaceful Waters is a wildlife preserve on the edge of a sports utility park. One thing that I do enjoy about most of the preserves in Florida is that they have boardwalk running right through which allows you to get fairly close to seeing wildlife.

While I was walking here there was a large group of tree swallows probably around fifteen or more. I really can’t be sure because they wouldn’t stop flying around looping and swooping, they were either feeding and or doing a form of mating ritual. It was both males and females I am sorry that I could not get better pictures they were quite fast and didn’t perch the entire time I was watching them which was probably ten plus minutes or so until they flew off.

Some of the photographs towards the end of the gallery I used my lensbaby which helps give it a skewed perspective.

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Delray Beach

The other day I went to the beach, it was nice but if only it was a tiny bit warmer it would have been perfect for me to swim cause it was a low hazard flag (not one for the ocean waves). I am ashamed to say that I didn’t take very many pictures..I was literally napping in the sun.


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Okeeheelee Nature Center

These pictures are from Okeeheelee Nature Center. I am not sure what the berries are but I thought it was pretty cool looking, and I love the color.

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Aero Club Christmas House

The community next to mine has a house that is completely decorated with Christmas lights. Of course I had to go and see it! What is nice is that they allow everyone to walk around the house to enjoy all of the decorations; all they ask is that you bring an unwrapped gift for Toys for Tots and or materials for the local food drive, Always a wonderful thing to do this time of year.  I hope you enjoy!

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This course has a suiting name because literally that is all that I do when my boyfriend goes to play golf, Wander.

Enjoy!….Oh and I am working on the 120 film( still shooting) I cant wait to post it.

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Flying Cow Road

On this road in the town where I live (Flying Cow Road) there is a Nature preserve / Nature Walk that I go to often. I only say that it is a “nature walk” because it does not have trails it has a paved sidewalk; which leads you through an extremely well, manicured landscape. Nature preserves here in Florida are very different then what I am used to, Being from New York; Long Island in particular when I think of a Nature Preserve I automatically think dense woods with tons of trees of various sizes and species, bushes and other low growing plants on dirt more often than not muddy trails. Oh and of course tons of Poison Ivy and pesky thorn bushes. Now I knew that down here they would be totally different (it’s a giant swamp down here) but I just wasn’t expecting what I saw.

The Nature Preserve on Flying Cow Road is water treatment site, so yes that means at times it could be quite stinky, and I thought the smell of low tide was bad Yuck! A good amount of the preserves that I have been to be the same case down here which I think is a great idea! Let nature clean the water the way is supposed to by plants, animals, and filtering it’s self through the different layers of the earth.

I hope you enjoy, now I was playing around with some HDR photos (they are titled so) I would love some feedback if any as always. I know the typical look of HDR pictures they seem to have that soft Hollywood glow to them mine don’t really have that, not sure how I am feeling about them?

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Holga and 120

When I was in my senior year of college, I was introduced to a Holga camera and 120mm film.  In my opinion, that was way too late in my photographic career;  I fell head over heels IN LOVE! I suppose it is because I love surprises and with a “toy camera” (it’s made of plastic) you never, ever know what the outcome will be until the film is developed so it is always a surprise.

Now I know that with other film cameras this is the same case. You never really know what you have until developing day and when you make your contact sheets(Oh the darkroom, how I miss you)!

Ahem, anyway like I was saying; with a traditional film camera SLR or single lens reflex to be technical, you are in total control of everything. Holga on the other hand have two light settings (sunny and partly cloudy) which by the way are just picture symbols. Then there are four focal point settings which described by the pictures on the camera. Those settings focus on one person, three people, seven people and a mountain; Add in some glorious light leaks and streaks and the possibilities are endless!

I’ve posted some of the pictures I took while I was in school and introduced you (if you didn’t already know) to Holga and 120 film. On an impulse I purchased a surprise pack of 5 different films which I am now in the process of shooting, developing, and editing. I hope you enjoy my photographs and look forward to being just as surprised as I will be for how and when the new rolls will come out!

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