I asked my younger cousins if they wouldn’t mind that I take some portraits of them. I asked them to pick a favorite place they would like to go to for the shoot so that they would be comfortable with their surroundings and funny enough they both picked the same place, Welwyn Preserve which was a home to Harold Irving Pratt an Oil fortune heir that has been turned into a nature preserve  in Glen Cove, NY.

In doing this shoot I got some idea brewing about continuing along with the ideas of using these mansions are backdrops only because the area that I grew up in on Long Island has a lot of Gold Coast mansions. Family’s Like J.P. Morgan and The Tiffany Family as in Tiffany & Co, just to name drop a few. The Most fortunate thing for me is that a good majority of these buildings are abandoned or have portions of the property that has smaller buildings that are abandoned; but this is unfortunate for the history and culture that was the Gold Coast.

I think they came out pretty well, what do you think? Although they did start to get somewhat annoyed with me giving them directions telling them to move is change that fix your hair like this,  Oh well right? I’ll have to ask the girls permission to post some of the outtakes they were making some pretty funny faces and poses at me!

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